YouTube Idea

  • Andrew Franchi



    I am reaching out here to see if this idea I have is even viable or makes sense.

    The idea is very much like CP24, but I've been thinking of using YouTube as a platform to create a 24 hour news network.

    Not everyone has cable anymore, so a live, and local news show/network that can be accessible from anywhere in the world, (with an internet connection) would to me seem like a good idea. As someone who cut his cable and lost the 24 hours news source I would support a channel that had the local news and CP24 format.

    I have scoured the Youtube, and haven't found anything that would be remotely close

    Are there any YouTubers out there that can maybe offer guidance? Or even anyone else out there that can maybe help better define this idea, and maybe collaborate on it?

    • 14th Oct 2020
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