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Sophia Young
Actor, Dancer

Hello CCP'ers,
I have recently had my headshots updated and I wanted some opinions on playing age, role types, what I should use as my main photo and any other advice and opinions that will be helpful for me moving forward :-)
Thank you very much,
Sophia x

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Hi Sophia,

I like the one that is already your profile picture -your hair looks lovely. However my favourite has to be the very end one of you in red with your hair down and in front of you.

You look like you could play quite young which expands your casting. So your current headshot would be great for that and then the one in red would be better for maturer roles or MT.

Your headshots make you look very open and friendly. I'm no expert but your whole profile looks really diverse -good luck to you!

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I would also say the one at the very end. All the best to you.

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Sophia Young
Actor, Dancer

Hi Thomasin- Thank you very much for your response. That's really helpful :) Always good to get an outsider's perspective and opinions! xx

And thank you too Sebastian!

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