Can't Apply for Jobs

Hi! I've just re-upgraded my account after stepping away a couple of months ago, but I'm not able to apply for jobs listed. Does anyone know if it takes time to process? It seemed pretty immediate last time. Cheers :)

Editorial Comment Hi there, thank you for your post, we can support you on this issue please emails [email protected]

  • 2 weeks ago
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I'm having the same issue. When I search for jobs, there is no apply option.

  • 1 week ago
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Chris Porro

me too. upgraded today and now there appears to be no way to apply.

  • 1 week ago
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Toni Brooks

The website has been 'upgraded' and is now non-functional. See the discussion that has been ongoing for ages now and the frustrations people are experiencing since Mandy was taken over by Backstage.

  • 1 week ago
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Wayne Swann

The Backstage format was never user friendly and now they've applied it to Mandy....I won't be renewing if this continues

  • 6 days ago
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scroll down the page click on the "character" underneath "role"

  • 5 days ago
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