Messaging system

Does anyone else have trouble with the design of the messaging system?

Maybe when people message us , we can see the recent jobs that they posted ?

As I get messages about jobs I've applied for and I always have no idea , who is talking to me ?

May just be me .

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Hi Harry,
It is difficult to keep track of all the jobs we apply for as freelancers. When someone gets in touch in response to my application I tend to make note of the 'employers' name at the top of the e-mail message and then go to JOBS-My Applications and look up the original casting notice to refresh my memory of the particulars. Hope that helps.
All the best,

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Anna Fraser

Hi Harry - I completely agree with this. I often get messages either from student productions who don't even sign off with a name, or from filmmakers who simply put 'short/feature film casting' as their message header. It would be really useful to have a feature that directly links messages with the original casting.

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Can't you cross-reference with "My Applications"?

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