• Daisy Reyna

    Production Assistant


    As you all know the covid situation has put a pause on many projects and most of all made it harder for new students like myself. I am a veteran who then went on to school for film and graduated this year. Any recommendations on how to get a PA job and or a PA job in the art department? I have applied for over 200 jobs and have not heard back. I understand it is a competitive industry and I know that I will keep trying but any advice would be appreciated. And any opportunity that you give me to start of my career would be appreciated.

    Good luck to those still looking and hope to hear back from some of you. Your advice means a lot.



    • 3rd Oct 2020
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  • Stanley Williams

    Stills Photographer

    Well, we are in the same boat! I got out the Navy last year and its been a struggle.

    • 3rd Oct 2020
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