Scrolling to last comments on a thread

Paolo Bafico

Hi ,
on a thread which has a lot of comments the only way to get to the most recent ones (example: lets network and follow each other on social ) is to hit "next" about 100 times..
It would be helpful to have the page numbers at the bottom so one can chose what comments to view ( more recent ones being more relevant usually)

Editorial Comment Hi Paolo,

Thanks for posting on the Forum. We appreciate your suggestion/feedback, and we'll pass this on to the relevant team.

Thanks, The Mandy Team.

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Ian Seale
Voice Over: English

It's awful.

No other forum I know works like this.

This forum to is pre moderated, again no other forum I know works like this, so that admin can censor posts, and stop them going on the forum.

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Amanda Bray

I contacted Mandy about this annoying issue a week or so ago. We’ll have to wait and see if anything is done about it!

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Someone posted a good shortcut a while ago, as long as you know roughly how long the thread is. Go to the second page of posts then in the web address there'll be a 2 at the very end. Change that to a whatever number page the thread has reached.

It's pathetic that we have to do this but that's the Mandy way!

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Toni Brooks

If you're on your computer, click on the first 'next' button and on the next page, go to the url and you'll see something like this:


Click at the number and change it to whichever number you might think would take you to the last page. A bit of trial and error the first time but once you've looked at the page you can usually tell what the last page number will be.

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Hi All,
I conducted a little experiment to elicit a response from Mandy regarding this...
I typed the word [email protected]$%e in the comment box.
It worked!
See the e mail thread below. In reverse order :-)

Dear Sam,
Thanks for getting back to me so promptly!
So you're quick to respond to language but not to all the concerns that actors have been raising!???
You have played right into my hands.
My little experiment appears to have worked.
I will spread the word.
Jimmy O'Rourke.
crew admin
Hi Jimmy,

A post you made to the forum was removed recently. This was due to the language used. Please note swearing on the forum publicly or privately at other users privately is not acceptable, language like this will be removed.

If there is anything else we can help you with please get back in contact.

Best Regards,

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Well played.

They are using and exploiting us.

  • 2 days ago
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How do we verify if an agent is reliable?

  • 1 day ago
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Toni Brooks

Sara, contact actors already represented by them. Also, if you’re asked to meet them, suss them out at the meeting.

  • 1 day ago
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