Stuck in editing

  • Lena Korallo


    Dear Editors,

    I would like to ask your professional advice which I desperately need! I am editing a short documentary style video and I am stuck. I feel like I don't know what to do with this video, I can't focus and I start to feel I hate it. I guess a lot of people might have similar experience. How do you deal with these situations?

    Thank you!

    • 5th Oct 2018
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  • Anthony Hadgill


    One of the best things to do sometimes with projects is to step away from them, if only for a few hours or a day depending on time constraints, and then approach the edit with a fresh mind and renewed perspective.

    Also getting another professional opinion to look over the work can sometimes help depending on how comfortable you feel with that as they may point out things you didn't see before in your work and enlighten you with things you previously didn't think of adding to it.

    If it's my own project with no one else above me, I always make sure I have clear goals in mind for the project however big or small so that if the edit gets too much, I can always maybe focus my time on the smaller things such as credits/titles or things that don't need as much attention as complex visual cuts or sound mixing/design.

    I hope any of this helps and good luck with your work!

    • 15th Jun 2017
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  • Stuart McIntyre

    Special Effects Artist

    I have been in this position before but it was with a short drama style video. You say you cannot focus and are loosing interest - starting to hate the project. First off I'd take time away from it, whether that's a walk or a weekend before going back to the piece you are creating. I get very annoyed if I can't get special FX to fit the work correctly or if the edit is not up to standard - choppy cuts and such. It can get very frustrating and boring, and eventually you will lose interest or dislike the project. I read somewhere that taking time away from a project, whether that's two hours or two days, allows you to go back to it with a fresh mind and clear head. You are less stressed and aggravated at the project. I hope this helps.

    • 5th Oct 2018
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