Who is actually landing jobs?

Hey Guys,
Genuine question, who here is redularly landing work through Mandy.com?
Since the update my conversion rate has plummeted.
At times I am not convinced my applications aren't seen.
Anyone else experiencing similar?

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I've seen a drop myself. I think it's across the board. I've had a look at your profile my man, it looks fab hopefully it will improve for you in 2023. Chin up.

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Same here - although the children's jobs aren't as many, we can't even see if anyone's viewed us now and not even an email for months and months. I was wondering the same, if they've been actually been sent. I do find it hard since they've removed the ability to see if you've been viewed or are under consideration etc.

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There’s no incentive to even look at the site anymore the interactive element is gone and so are the jobs. This use to be a good site

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Check the Forum Posts.

Casting Call Pro and Voices Pro were great, as was Mandy.
The Mandy takeover didn't change much, and it was still good.
The Backstage takeover, however, has destroyed the site.

I, and many others, have complained, to no end - since April this site is trading under false pretences - there is nothing 'pro' about this place any more - so we have not renewed our subscriptions.

Backstage don't seem to care.

On another post, someone who was with StarNow (awful site, but some like it) said that Backstage did the same to that site when they took over.

I hold out no hope for this site, and CDs and Producers have left in droves now too, which is why there is no decent work anymore.

Backstage deserve a medal for incompetence.

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Same here- Have applied for so many jobs both paid /unpaid not sure if viewed I was wondering the same, if they've been actually been sent. What surprises me that the Unpaid jobs have not replied back ? Thanks

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I can't lie to you - it's been pretty well watered on my end.

It's a numbers game as it always is but I booked 5 jobs last month and 1 this month. Mainly on the corporate side - but all reel worthy I'd say and more importantly, paying, so I can't really complain.

Like I said it's a numbers game so I'd hate to look at how much I've applied to on here - but I've had more success independently here then any other site.

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Daisy Bates

Would understand a bit of a drop, but I've been applying to dozens of jobs a week here since September and haven't booked a single one. I've only even been contacted back about one application and never recieved a reply. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong here??? The applications have definitely gone through and are marked as sent in my profile...

  • 3 months ago
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Amanda Bray

It's appalling. I receive almost nothing worth applying for - lots of technical jobs/real people/testimonials etc etc. The site has become so bad I am seriously considering ending my subsciption. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any other sites offering a similar (but better) service.

  • 3 months ago
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Paul Dewdney

I have read all of your respective posts.

Mandy is, without question, a mere shell of what it once was, and in fact bares little resemblance to what it was even 12 months ago; in comparison to the ‘glory days’ of the original Mandy website (before the merger with CCP) it doesn’t even come close. In its former guise as Casting Call Pro, it was a shining star, especially for those treading the cobbled path towards Spotlight (but let’s not go there, as that’s another illusion in itself!) - All in all, what Mandy has evolved into is a barely tepid, and certainly an unequivocal diluted version of what was a vital and essential career building tool, and to many the life blood of the same.

I wrote to the powers that be as soon as “the ability to no longer see who had viewed you” facility vanished. I was assured that the removal of this (facility/ability) was to make way for a greater all singing & dancing platform. What utter bollocks! Everything that was once good about the site has now gone and has been replaced or upgraded with NOTHING.

I personally rely, and heavily, upon my availability, and my electronic colour-coded diary is referenced in such a way that I can determine my availability at a glance, based upon those production in which I am already cast, and date locked into, and those which are pencilled, which would include those that are in pre-production, and those that are ‘looking but not licking’ thus far! If I say so myself, I am an excellent time-manager, but as a result of the inability to review who has looked multiple times, I have had to reject more that a dozen (nearer twenty in reality) approaches in the past quarter alone simply because of date conflicts with other productions.

I am fortunate and blessed (extremely so) in that I am rehired often by directors and producers with whom I have worked with in the past, however, even in such circumstances its foolhardy to rely on this and equally extremely bad business practice to rely solely on repeat business; it is ESSENTIAL that various tools and avenues are explored constantly and repetitively in order to keep the influx of work at a satisfactory level.

Mandy removing the soul, and ability for interactivity from of its platform in reduces, and dramatically so the ability to actively and professionally manage an acting career.

I would suggest to those that haven’t yet done son write to Mandy expressing your own dissatisfactions as that is going to be the only way that something will get resolved because the bank direct debits will keep on month after month whether you complain or not.

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Shaun Stone

Hi everyone,

I am still booking a fair number of jobs, but with my CV and the quality of my showreels, I feel I should be booking more, and that isn't arrogance, it is justifiable confidence and I ain't just 'chatting shit!'

I've had a really good year in terms of new credits, but as many have accurately said, the fact that we can no longer TRACE the status of our job allocations is frankly: Bollocks, and Mandy have done nothing (and won't ever DO anything) about this either, other than to give me a 'response' that is simply an insult to my significant level of intelligence and 26 year experience withing this incredibly tough and brutal industry!

I have received breakdowns seeking 'actresses in their 30/s, online/offline editors, basically 'Crew' vacancies.

Even within the industry via Spotlight/our agencies it is standard now to be asked to self tape for significant movie roles, send fabulous tapes off, well within the latest submission date, and not ever hear a thing.

Back in the day, if I went up for a telly job, there'd probably be 7 or eight actors seen for each character, but now, I think a hundred self tapes can be viewed, so irrespective of how talented we are, BIG life changing jobs are very hard to book now.

But erm..................'Happy Chrimbo!'

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George Reece

There may be hope in 2023... there's a new platform launching called www.castingcallback.com and it sounds like they actually care about Actors!

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I only started trying to do voiceover last year but I did receive feedback from some projects this year, this time no feedback at all. I don't really expect jobs at the moment as I am very new so I have absolutely no credits but I am still trying.

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Thanks George for the CastingCallback shout out, I've registered with them now. Going to put it on the other long thread on here where everyone has had enough of Mandy.

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Hi George you mentioned a new casting agency in your earlier post. Are you already on their books Do their charge a fee. Thanks

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Paolo Bafico

I share the view of all of you, I am actually questioning whether I should stop paying Mandy. By the way having a forum ln this format where if you want to skip to the last comments you need to go through each individual page is something that high school kids could do better. Starnow is far from great but at the very least their customer service responds to emails .

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Robbie Boyle

"Make the Acting industry Fairer - Don't make Actors Pay to Access Auditions" www.castingcallback.com

  • 2 months ago
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Same i experience!

  • 2 months ago
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Had few things

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Toni Brooks

Hi Paolo, to get to the last page go to next at the bottom of the page and click on that. When you're on the next page, go to the URL at the top and you'll see something like this: /page/2?country=uk&site=actors.mandy.com
Click behind the page number and put in the page you think will be the last so:
This will take you to the page you enter.

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