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Farah Sardar

Hey folks: Filmed and edited with basic equipment and free software. Enjoy :)

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Hey Farah,
I had a spare moment so decided to take a peek.
It's a great start! Well done you. Your mum likes to wave at the camera. Could you not correct the side way shots post production? :-) What software did you use?
Best Bern

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Farah Sardar

Thank you Ben. I recorded the footage with a Blackberry Playbook. I put the film together in Windows Movie Maker Live. I used a separate programme for the sound which is Audacity. The music was Royalty Free and can be downloaded from You Tube (go to Video Manager then Create).

I had to convert all the short clips to wmv before I edited them in Windows Movie Maker because without this the final film film was coming out shaky. If you need to convert you can use Freemake Video Converter.

All software is free. Not sure about how to change the sideways bits. :) x

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Farah Sardar

By sound I meant music.

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I've just subscribed Farah dear and if I may leave this video here for your viewing and sub to the channel, if it interests you.
It is great career / wellbeing advice from well-known actor Vincent Rodriguez III (AKA Josh Chan from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend).
I had the pleasure of interviewing him for our channel Film Forums which is aimed at career advice for actors and filmmakers and I feel this episode is particularly valuable:

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