New Pub Theatre THE MOORS Bar/Theatre (Crouch End)

Seth Jones

Hey everyone, I hope everyone is well!

A new pub theatre has been born in the heart of Crouch End. The Moors Bar Theatre has it's opening at the end of the Crouch End Festival.
Here is a little break down:
Price: £120 Per night. (Includes in house technician for your performances)

Capacity: 35 Comfortably Seated

Brand New LED lighting. Perfect for every mood and illusion required.

Advertising: Each show will go in the Moors Mailing List received by over 2000 Locals.
Your show will be featured on The Moors Website.
Flyers and posters can be put around the bar.
Help with flyer design etc can be provided.

Rehearsal Space Also Available:
HALF DAY: 10Am-2pm =£40 FULL DAY:10am-6pm=£80

THE MOORS BAR/THEATRE ADVANTAGES: If you have performed at Pub Theatres you may well have experienced a few stressful and un-necessary experiences. For example being rushed in and out because the theatre has two performances a night- or when you receive your invoice there were charges you did not know about.
The Moors Bar/ theatre is owned and run by an Actor who understands these stresses are not necessary.
The £120 IS EVERYTHING INCLUDED!...No staff charges etc will pop up.
Also a plus about this pub/ theatre which I personally like is the fact that the theatre and bar are not split on different levels. When entering the Bar you also enter the theatre. This allows you to set the atmosphere of your piece early but also gives you a nice personal and private feel to your shows. Plus your guests do not have to fight to get to the bar at the beginning, middle or End of your show.
The theatre will do its up most to make your experience and productions run as smoothly and successfully as possible.

About the MOORS Bar/ Theatre:
The Moors Bar is set in the Heart of Crouch End. It is a very artistic bar with Short Film nights every 3rd Wednesday. All of which are of a very high standard. Post film each director/ writer or actor in the film will have a short Q and A.
The Bar also hosts many music nights such as a Thursday Blues Jams and Three song events. The Bar is known for its networking aspects and is a cracking place to showcase your work.
The Bar is always busy and hosts a cracking friendly vibe.

About Crouch End:
Crouch End is buzzing with artists and creative's from all parts of the Arts. With loads of casting directors, actors, producers etc always around and involved in the community. Crouch End is Zone 2 and just a 5 minute bus from Finsbury Park.

For a full break down and spec or if you would like to know more please email me on
I look forward to hearing from you,
Seth Jones

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Can I also recommend a purpose built newish fringe theatre I work at called 'The London Theatre' in New Cross (zone 2 and 100 yards from New Cross BR).

It is 37/50 seats all racked and being purpose built, no noise from a pub below or above. It is on the main road in New Cross which means lots of passing trade and we have full box offcie facilities.

The hire cost is £90 per night or £400 per week.

It has one big unique selling point in that it is a purpose built theatre with its own bar which is only open to the theatre goers.

It has full projector screen and latest computerised LD lights and soundproof tech box.

Free parking outside during performances for the audience and has had some great plays over the last few months including plays in Russian and soon Italian.

It is also used lots for auditions and castngs and the hire rate for the whole venue is £40 per day 10am - 4pm or £25 per day if doing a show here.

We are 5 mins from Goldsmith College and 7 mins from Greenwich.

We are also the home of 'The London Comedy Course' which trains stand up comics in association with 'Up The Creek' comedy club in Greenwich.

The London Theatre
443 New Cross Road
SE14 6TA

Also having worked in many theatres can I also recommend in West London 'Barons Court Theatre' as it is a great space and Ron the manager must be the nicest person in the business. Also a great venue is Rosemary Branch Theatre in Islington, who are getting a good rep for their musicals and opera and have a great short play season.

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