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Dear Forum,

Recently I was asked to submit a self tape for a portion of a script, about four pages long. The audition was for an animation role. I spent considerable time thinking about the character, developing a voice for it, and then trying to produce the best self tape possible based on the company's description of the character. After submitting I was contacted saying they would be "in touch soon". I waited a week and then wrote a quick email to ask if there would be any feedback on that self tape. That was three weeks ago and I have heard nothing.

I can appreciate that the company found their ideal voice elsewhere, but I do hope that companies who utilise Mandy to find VO artists would have the courtesy to send a 'thanks but no thanks' to anyone from whom they have asked for recorded material.

Pam ☹️

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So sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience Pam.
Alarm bells would’ve rung for me when they asked for a 4 page audition - that’s ridiculous.
I’m always happy to provide a sample, but a paragraph at most.
Sounds like a rather amateur set up to me.
Keep an eye out just in case they try and use your material without paying for it!!
Wishing you every success.

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Jamal Hadaway
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Happens a fair amount that companies don't get back. In fact most won't. No biggie - It's most likely cause they didn't like it rather than they are going to rip your voice off and not pay you. Thats never happened to me ever, although not saying it cant happen (touches wood).

Also my advise would be to never spend a considerable amount of time on a demo! Learn to bash em out fast and efficiently!


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Joyce Ann Grey-Carter
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Yes, I agree that out of common courtesy, Clients should inform you either way.

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Samantha Fell
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I had a similar thing happen recently too it was my first response to a job i applied for on here so i was very excited, the demo was only a few lines which i did that was over a week ago now and i haven't heard anything back. I have resigned myself to accepting I didn't get the job and haven't emailed back as didn't want to sound unprofessional.

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