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I just sent many complaints to Mandy, mainly about the new character limit. I was writing an application today and noticed to annoying character limit. I find it hard to keep my applications short with all the info in casting calls and adding all my info on top of that. I also find it unfair because a space counts as a character, so are all the words supposed to run together now?

What does everyone think of the character limit?

Editorial Comment Hi Benjamin, thanks for posting. We’ve introduced a 1500 character limit on cover letters to allow employers to get through more applications, and to help you put your best and most concise foot forward with roles you apply to.

Here are some top tips on making the most of your cover letter:

-Make sure your cover letter is relevant and tailored to the specific job you’re applying for.
-Employers will receive a link to your profile (so we'd recommend ensuring your profile is up to date) as part of your application, and so it's not necessary to add your work history to your cover letter - it's best to keep this to a summary of why you're suitable to the role.

If we can help with anything else please get in touch via

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CDs haven't got time to read long covering letters. Keep it short and sweet - relevant information to the role, availability for the dates, confirmation of location.
Your Mandy CV and show reel will do the rest.
All the best.

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I am new on Mandy, having created an Actor/Actress profile. But I am a multi-genre performer, doing theatre, dance, VoiceOver...
Is it possible to get a profile that gathers all these skills in one, and that the employers would find if they are looking either for a theatre actress, a film/Tv one, a dancer or a voice?
I cannot afford to get different profiles. And they will all present the same experiences anyway.
Thank you. I hope my question makes sense.

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Hi all (so far)

Firstly, thanks for the chat about character limits, perhaps I was a tad harsh before. I do get the concise and the CD's don't have time and all that but can't it be a word limit instead of a character limit? If you want/have to put in a space or new paragraph both count as characters and therefore restrict what you can say in an application, if it was simply just a word limit it wouldn't and it would still help with making it concise and the CD's time plus it wouldn't be as annoying. Not up to me but I do think a word limit would be more suitable/beneficial than a character limit.

Secondly, Lise to answer your question (the best I can) I would just have this profile (Actor) and use the C.V. to reflect all the jobs you have had. The about me section I think can also be utilised and you can write your experiences. Sorry, it's not much help but I'm sticking by that.

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Marie Lovell

Is there a minimum character limit? I don't have much to say but keep trying to apply for a job and it's not going through. I have said help and that I am interested, followed all the other directions. . . .

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Hi All,
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