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David Smith
Voice Over: English

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. I checked over the weekend to prepare for what jobs wanted auditions. The first six jobs required a female for the job. Now I know I'm not in the Morgan Freeman territory for my depth of tone to my voice, but really! Secondly, as I scrolled through I found a job requiring a male I went to the bottom to prepare the audition and....... nothing. No script to read, no options to add a file or indeed to submit. Did I miss something here, am I suddenly in a parallel universe or is there a software malfunction on the Mandy system? Anybody able to shed any light on any of the queries raised?

Editorial Comment Hi David, thanks for posting. We’re sorry to hear you’re having a problem. We’re taking this issue seriously and are taking steps to improve our service. Please contact us at with more information concerning your problem.

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