Stop wasting my time

It could be my own personnal experiences , or perhaps this is a sign of the times . But I'm really fed up of being left waiting for a response to a self tape , or a personnal casting .
You know the situation , your required to submit your application before a certain date , so that the person casting has time to meet you , or consider your emailed self tape/link .
So you do your best to be available , learn a script , or at least read it enough to build a character .
Then silence , nothing , no contact , no email , no message , no texts . So in the meantime , you are left figuring out if the person is to busy to reply , or perhaps to bloody ignorant to send a simple yes or no .
Its even more annoying when the job is low budget affair , because your also trying to juggle money jobs in the real world , to make yourself available for the project . Ive lost money , purely on the strength of a job in the offing , because i got left dangling on a string .
Then , joke upon joke , when you announce you aren't available , the person who's been your contact , gets arsey because you say enough is enough , im not playing this game .
In less than 20 seconds of a clip or casting , you know , that the person who's casting tape you've viewed is right for a project . I dont want to hear the old sob story about , oh we've had so many people apply its been overwhelming . Mass email , mass text . Thanks for your application but you've not been successful this time .
What i dont appreciate is being ignored or worst still being fobbed off with oh im sorry we forgot to get back to you . It doesnt cut the mustard . Its rude , lazy and downright disrespectful .

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Difficult one.. could be a variety of reasons.. we all know we could end up being the 6th choice pick day before shooting starts.. Only way to keep sane.. is to jump the hoops, send it in and forget about... live in the now..

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Its not difficult Dylan
Only this week i cast for a project for a film school .Its been a week since i met up with the person casting . I did a read through , and it all seemed to go well .
Roll on a week ,and complete silence , even though ive messaged the person , & simply asked the question ,am i being considered or am i not?, .
Its not a hard question , because this person is working on just one project for graduation , meaning a hand full of people have read for the role . I think total characters number 3.
Its the danger of people learning habits from other established producers who perhaps view actors as lesser cogs in the machine , which we allow to perpetuate , by saying , oh yea dont worry about it , call me whenever you feel like because Im happy to be left dangling .
If he'd said, unfortunately this time we didn't feel that you were right ...... ive have gone , not a problem , thanks for getting back to me, good luck with the project .
Im so tired of people making excuses for a lack of basic courtesies . Its even more important on low budget projects , because , like many people who enjoy these projects , its not about the money so much , as the chance to work with younger film makers who are eager to produce their calling card for the future . And that makes them exciting and rewarding projects to do .

All im asking for is yes or no , or we will let you know by such a date . Its not difficult . I made the time to go to the casting , I paid the travel to get to the casting . It cost me money to be there , courtesy costs nothing .

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Then maybe for your own wellbeing assume its a "No" when you leave the room, or send in the self-tape. YOU make the decision for them, take away their power over the way you feel... then IF they do get back to you.. great.. BUT there are many reasons why they don't move to our time frame. If we are not right, then we are not right.. Is there really in benefit in hearing that from a 3rd party?

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Dylan, how long do you wait to assume it's a no though? And how do you plan your time in between? If you're told it's a no within a specific time frame, say a week - two weeks you can go on applying for other roles. By waiting you may miss other opportunities or double book yourself. I'm with David on this, if they know you're not suitable for the role they should tell you asap. It's just rudeness otherwise.

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How long? Stacey.. as soon as I hit the pavement or hit the send button.. its gone. Its out of my control.. and I refuse to let it rule my life, I will submit of the next suitable job straight away, even if they clash... Why wait? Think of what opportunities you could miss by holding out for an audition out come... Shoe on the other foot, if someone needed immediate yes if they offered me a part, would you still hold out on the other audition you're waiting on an outcome for?. Things change, there are too many variables.. even if they say "stay free this week" etc you could be ill when the call comes, and not be able to do it.. is it rudeness on your part? No, its life.. and its the same for the other side of the casting room. Sorry, but waiting for someone else to give me an answer.. or getting frustrated when they don't is not good for the health.. don't get tied up by things you can't control.. I focus on what you can.. And that is to assume I haven't got it.. then if I do, and I'm available.. that is an amazing feeling! What ever you need to do get through this mad show we call business.

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We get the treatment we tolerate. It takes seconds to send an email. If you’re happy being treated like that then that’s absolutely fine but expecting even the slightest courtesy is also fine and if more people spoke up about it maybe the treatment of actors would change.. Good luck in your endeavours :)

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Jason Denyer

I am 100% behind Dylan on this one, I refuse to get bothered about whether or not I have got a reply because it is inevitable that more often than not there will not be one unless you get the gig, nothing is going to change, it is not ideal but that is the way it is and it ain't going to get me down.

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For what it's worth, I go by the statistics that at any given time in the UK there are approximately 40k+ actors chasing about 3,000 jobs. Do the mathematics on that one. I'm with Dylan and Jason on this one: prepare, turn up, give it your best, then on to the next one. The only time I give a role another thought is when they tell me I have it and am booked. It's just like sales, it's a numbers game. I agree it's disrespectful and they could make an effort to contact us, but this is sadly the world we live in. Life is all about getting the right balance between expectations and acceptance. This challenge is simply part and parcel of being a working actor. Keep your chin up, don't sweat the small stuff, and stay positive - it's a mind game, that's all.

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You’d think from the excuses being offered on behalf of people casting that I’m asking a miracle here , perhaps on a huge budget production with 100 roles being cast , through 30 different agents , I might be sympathetic to this argument . So put those arguments aside .
But I was casting for one project , where 3-4 roles were being considered by one person casting for a single graduation project .
It cost them nothing to see me , as apposed to my half day out , plus travel costs and time spent reading the script in preparation for the meeting .
My total outlay was £20 travel , and £80 lost on another job which I put back , because I promised to attend a casting .
This was not some industry casting with 1000 variable scenarios or a thousand. Possible excuses available for use . So please stop offering all the excuses , which people drag out when they are defending people , who have neither the respect or honesty to give a simple reply to an enquiry about a casting , because I just think it’s defending the indefensible .

By continuing to support such possible scenarios , performers are enablers . We enable a person casting , to make people jump through hoops on the strength of working on a project , then take no responsibility in regards to one simple , easy task .
That taste , is to keep applicants for a role informed . It’s not hard on a micro budget production with min applicants to say yes / no or maybe , as to the status of their application .
I had the mans number , and asked the question . And received no reply at all .
In a world where communication is easier than it has ever been before , it is not excusable to simply ignore people .
Whatever your point of view is in regards to this . It’s clear that the two sides will not agree , so it’s at an impasse as they say . I cannot accept the lack of respect for people who have given a project enough respect to attend .
It’s even more important on low budgets that people are kept informed of the casting situation , because these micro budget affairs rely on people who’s main currency must surely be based on a mutual respect . And if that’s not honoured , then what do you sacrifice next , in order to excuse the total lack of communication .
That’s as far as I’m diving into the debate , because quite clearly the two sides will always be at odds .
But I will always struggle to understand why performers simply say .... oh well that’s just the way it’ is . Because it shouldn’t be .

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So please tell me David, what would have changed by them getting back to you with a “No”? You’d spent the travel money, pushed the job back, that wouldn’t change.... what am I missing? Why forgive a large production with budget and staff that “should” be able to find the time, over a micro budget production with one person running around doing everything? This industry is always about keeping options open.. they won’t release you until they are 100% locked in... and sometimes that takes longer than it should.. Don’t let it control you. You control it. There are bigger things to focus on. Don’t let it eat you up.

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Just re-read you post David.. Yes always two sides/views.. I think if collectively we are too unite on anything.. its that we get paid.. too many "no-budget" productions that aren't really, posted on here.. That for me is a more worth while shout that.."lets us know"..

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Fahad Salman

I used to take these kind of things personal, always questioning and giving myself a headache. so now I go to audition and then I just forget about it. if they call back and say yes its a surprise to me. the way I do it now is that when I go to the audition after the audition I say to myself I DIDNT get it and I try to forget it. where as before I put high hopes that they will call and sometimes I can't sleep I just think. I made myself so depressed and stressed, its not worth it because it affected my health. so the best way for me I can't speak for others because we are all different, I go to the audition and then just forget about it, if they call they call if they don't I just think its there loss. haha

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Heather Rome

The attitude in the any industry these days seems to be that applicants can be kept in limbo, without getting any kind of response. This has happened to me several times this year for West End understudy jobs and now TV jobs. My agent, who is a good egg, has chased on my behalf as I've been obliged to go overseas to look after an elderly parent but if given a job could probably juggle a short shoot or even several months' run in the West End with some notice.
On a micro/low budget I'd just move on. If they suddenly contact you, if you're available great, if not, tough on them for being so inconsiderate. The problem with higher profile decent jobs is that, as your agent has tried hard to get you seen by good casting directors, you don't want to piss off the CD and the roles can be very tempting. So you gently steam and pray that you don't have to come dashing back.

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This is a tough one,

What I tend to do as soon as i put my application in or self tape etc whatever I always put a message saying 'Just let us know guys either way so I know where I stand' that seems to work for me & a lot get back even if it's a 'no' the 'no' doesn't bother me as long as I know, we all have different personalities, some people like to know others are just like 'meh' I've done my bit.

It's whatever works for you.

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David, you said:
"It cost them nothing to see me , as apposed to my half day out , plus travel costs and time spent reading the script in preparation for the meeting.
My total outlay was £20 travel , and £80 lost on another job which I put back , because I promised to attend a casting ."

First off, a candidate for any job interview (not just acting auditions) is expected to pay their own expenses to get to the interview, so you can't really use that in your argument.

I don't know if you took a day or half-day off work, but if you did, again it's no different from someone having to do the same to go to a job interview.

As for time spent reading the script... well, bizarrely, it's again no different from going to a job interview. You'd be expected to research about the company you want to work for, the aspects of the role, etc.

The £80 you lost on another job - why did you give that job up? It doesn't make sense. I would not go to an audition if I already had a guaranteed £80 job - YOU made that decision, not the people who auditioned you. I can only guess you went to the casting because it potentially offered more money... but you and I know that the chances of getting anything is probably 1 in 20 if you actually get an audition in the first place. If I'm honest, you're foolish to give up £80 in pursuit of maybe a 5% chance of getting, what, £200? The statistics are NOT on your side.

Also, did you try to negotiate a different time or date to audition? I'm forever asking casting agents if I can do xyz time/date instead, and 9 time out of 10 they say yes - many even offer a Skype audition or ask for self-tapes after that. If you haven't even tried to negotiate a date/time, then you're going about it the wrong way.

Going back to the original point. Are you sure that the gigs you're auditioning for don't actually say, "if you don't hear from us, then your application was unsuccessful"? I notice that many casting agents use that line - perhaps you just missed it. But either way, casting agents clearly don't want to waste time writing personalised rejection email just to massage people's ego. If all of this really gets your goat, you're in the wrong industry.

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Sam Gibbons

Yup, what Dylan said. We expect not to get it, we have no control over that - that's the name of the game. Go for everything, get what you get, and don't overthink why you didn't get it. Focus on your performance and your professionalism in the audition room.

Don't get me wrong, I think the panel should always come back to you but be realistic about your expectations. If they don't come back to you within 2 days it's a good rule of thumb to assume you haven't got it. They usually come back eventually to say "thanks but no thanks", in the meantime just move on to the next one. At the end of the day your travel costs etc aren't their problem.

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Maybe I'm special or something but after I attend a casting / audition I either want to hear that I've got it, been progressed to a recall, been shortlisted etc within the 24 hours this usually takes or I want to hear no more from them

I'd much rather hear NOTHING than get a gushing email weeks later telling me how wonderful I was but sadly due to X Y & Z on this occasion they had to go in another direction, but please do keep in touch because everyone in the room thought I was amazing and the receptionist fancied me .....

If I was that wonderful I'd have got the gig, I knew I hadn't a day afterwards when they hadn't called me back, there's nothing I dislike more than gushing "Dear John" letters

Like a wise man said above, it's a numbers game, you audition, you move onto the next one, if you hear you've got the gig GREAT! if you don't hear anything within a day or two you should know you're not being considered, NEXT!

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I'm with David on this on. A simple email saying, "thanks to all candidates, all roles are now cast" costs virtually nothing. I've been on the other side of the table (many years ago) running auditions for hundreds of candidates and every single one of them got a reply. I also ran an actors agency for a number of years (just me and a part-time assistant) and again, I replied to every person that contacted me...and yes, it's relentless, letter after letter and email after email, but it's your job! I returned promo material (10 x 8's and VHS videos!!! Haha) whether an SAE was enclosed or not. It's about respect. I'm currently on the 'looking for an agent' treadmill. and have been utterly astonished at the number of agents that simply don't reply. Personally, I'd rather be rejected than ignored! I totally appreciate that CD's and agents' main focus is on driving the actual job forward... but communicating with actors is a massive part of their job. Without actors, there is NO job. We are ALL of equal value in this equation and respect and valuing each other is tantamount to creating a professional environment and ultimately a fantastic piece of art. As Stacey says above, 'we get the treatment we tolerate' and on this note, at least I now know which agents I don't want to represent me! :)

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Fahads attitude is a good one, mental health in this game is so important. :)

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Assume there going to *rseholes before the audition/tape send, and forget it immediately after. Anything else is a bonus. The internet has killed standards, there's millions of Actors, behind you, who'll do it for free almost.I'm not a doom mongerer rer, i get more jobs now I don't give a *hit about them!(if possible)!

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