Stop wasting my time with promises

Like everybody in this industry I’m desperately trying to get seen . But you need excellent calling cards to play , when someone decides to pay you some attention. Decent head shots are a must , a CV which reflects the sort of roles you have been cast in & finally a up to date showreel . My showreel needs updating , so I’ve been actively doing projects to help me improve my showreel . These projects are often low / no pay gigs . I’ve accepted the terms in order to get the footage I need . Now here’s the rant , how do any of these film makers ever manage to get anything finished if they sit in the footage for months even years .
They tell me it’s a calling card for me and them , yet on almost every project I’ve worked on in the last two years , the directors replies to my requests for footage , is “I’m still waiting for a favour to get my project edited !!! “ Really !!! How is it a calling card if 6 months to a year later it’s not seen the light of day . I could have given up acting by then , have moved to another country through pure frustration at my best work never being edited because you couldn’t get a favour and the edit done for free .
I did a feature film for a Pakistani star , which was shot over two years ago . It keeps getting delayed delayed delayed . Ive got at least two other projects which should have been doing the rounds by now . So when people ask if they can see some of my most recent work , I honestly cannot contain my purse frustrating at the situation .
I’ve probabaly made several spelling mistakes or predictive text has messed with my worms

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Sam Sumner

I feel your pain. I desperately want more new material. Would be happy to devise some new work with you if this will be mutually beneficial.

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Hello mate , oh it’s driving me mental . I’m doing all this stuff for almost nothing and I’m still waiting on footage . I get all the guff about it being a calling card for everyone concerned , but it’s feck all good if it’s waiting for an editor to put aside all his paid work ( hahahahhaja) and go oh I must do something for the cause of someone else’s career , for no money . I’ve decided that’s it I’m not doing any more freebies for people , because you get strung along for weeks months years .

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