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Daniel Brown

Its been eight years since I graduated from drama school and I have come to a tough decision. At the moment I only work as a security officer at weekends, so I'm free for auditions during the week. I'm applying ever week for roles and not even getting an audition. I have now decided because of my dwindling bank account to go back to work full time and concentrate on writing my own film. Am I doing the right thing?

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Mark Kempner

Have Pm'd Daniel.

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Hi Daniel,

In the long run only you will know if you are making the right decision or not, but it has always been a challenge to actors, finding flexible work that pays enough to cover living costs. For what it's worth, I'll share my experience, as I am now re-entering the industry for the third time after taking two long breaks, and this time around doing very well. Although we have different backgrounds, as I got a business degree, rather than getting formal training, I hope this helps somewhat.

Both in the 90s and later in the 2000s, I took a fair few years off from acting (although I did get called to do some theatre from time to time) which allowed me to stash a chunk of money away. I kept my focus on what my long term goal was: to eventually return to acting full time. I was lucky enough, due to my business experiences, to evolve my career path into business consulting, which now gives me a good extra income and the flexibilty to audition and perform.

If the purpose of taking a year off to work is to save money, then you need a solid plan to keep you on track. Set savings goals, keep your lifestyle frugal (it's easy to get used to having money again and just spend it!) but most importantly still have a plan to work on your craft, keep in contact with people in the industry.

I hope that's helpful.


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Daniel Brown

Hi Anthony

Thanks for your advice its given me much to think about.

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Hi Daniel. I worked professionally for ten years, fairly consistently and then diverted to become a police officer. Having got married, had a couple of children and got divorced, after 25 years of service, I retired from the police service and couldn't wait to get back into acting as it tore me apart through all those years. I was like a druggy without their fix!!

The trouble is that so much had changed in the interim with all the technology, the lack of requirement to meet Equity standards and anyone being able to call themselves an actor. On the plus side, i do receive a 21 year accumulated pension, which helps to pay some of the bills, but not all. I therefore now deliver learning and development training once a month, as a top up, and occasionally take on temp work. The passion for acting will never leave you and you are never too old to act, so good luck, save, save, save and then come back full of vigour, but keep yourself updated for developments in the industry otherwise it can be very daunting.


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