Turnaround Times!

Richard Beenham
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Is anyone having the same headache as me with turnaround times? It's the perennial artist/client difficulty. Script delivered at the last minute, ridiculous turnaround required.

I have a client with whom I'm on a retainer. I provide them with content every month, recorded at home. They give me plenty of notice in terms of making sure I'm available on the date required (usually a Monday), and I always ask them to send me the scripts as early as possible to give me as much lead time as possible. And they always say they'll do their best to get the scripts to me as soon as they're ready. Yet they always arrive on the Monday evening, with a deadline of Tuesday morning. So it takes all night. I have a full-time job so home recordings have to be done in the evenings or at the weekend.

I suspect the writers are probably also on a ridiculous turnaround, to be fair. But I also suspect that some clients honestly think that the duration of the script must be roughly how long it takes to record it.

The effect on me is that I have to arrange to leave work a bit early and stay up late recording, editing and converting files in order to get them back to the client in plenty of time. That's what I was doing last night, and I'm bloody knackered today!

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Anthony Martins Rock
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This is the age old freelancer headache. You are doing the right thing by staying in contact with them regarding turn around expectations but unfortunately you are at their mercy by delivering each time on time which sets their expectations that everything still is fine with the current consistent "hurry up and wait" dance.
Not a whole lot you can do short if reject work given within a window your set in a contract pre work so that they know"24hr or 48hr" or what ever you set as a minimum turnaround. It's a tough call. Either take the work and complain/suffer in silence or set some rates related to time and they will either look elsewhere to get the work done or abide by your rate and time guidance.

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