Why is it so?

Siddharth Dubey
Sound Designer

Filming a new short or a feature? Got the best camera? got a good dop and an editor?

Why aren't filmmakers understanding the power of good sound? Both on-set and in post production.

A good sound recordist on-set can save you filmmakers tons of time in post, I'm sure you've heard this. A good sound designer and re-recording mixer will take your soundtrack to the next level. Sound can add to the overall feel for the film in many ways. It can add to the budget what was not there originally and make your film feel like a million pounds!

All you need is a good talented sound person, just like any other member of the crew. If you're renting an Arri Amira to shoot your film then please don't cheap out and get a sound recordist that comes to set with a boom mic and a zoom recorder. And when you have nice crisp dialogue captured for your film, employ a talented sound designer and re-recording mixer and PAY WELL! I understand a lot of the projects here are low paid or passion projects but some sort of compensation or payment always encourages an individual to perform better.

And lastly, don't expect hollywood work when you are paying peanuts for the job. You get what you pay for, so if one guy is ready to the job in £500 and the other is charging £1000, then do try and find out why the difference exists.

Thank you for your time and all the best for your films!


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