Actor Buddy-ups

  • Davoud Rastgou


    Hello guys, I would like to house-share together with a couple of committed professional actors/aspiring. Due to the high costs in London, and as side jobs on top of classes for continuous professional development are really time/budget consuming, I believe living in the same place with other serious actors would be a great approach towards establishing a serious career. Please inbox me with your suggestion to for a place to live and else. Everything is welcome, form a house of four-five to a renting a whole building of 10-20 units where all are actors and we divide the rent for the whole facility. There is an egocentric culture encapsulating many actors to make the great break "for their own". This is an illusion. Of course are you in contact with similar minded people on regular basis, I am happy for you, however, if your situation is different, then let's find a way.

    • 28th Nov 2017
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