Advice for making a singing reel?

I need to make a singing reel. Unfortunately all of my singing performances have not been recorded in any high quality so I need to make one from scratch. My agent gave me advice in terms of what kind of songs to sing and what equipment to use but then fell a bit short on the important details; So i've come here.

1. How many songs do you put in it?
2. How much of each song do you use? Is it the whole thing or just the first verse and chorus?
3. Do you sing over the top of music (without vocals) or just do it A capella?
4. Should you show a wide range of songs? or stick to similar ones to hammer home the fact that you can do that kind of song?

I've been tearing my hair out stressing about this, so I thank anyone who helps me.

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Hi mate,
I’d recommend doing 4 songs, approx 45 secs of each song. Ideally you want to show the most impressive parts of your voice. Sing with a backing track. Do various songs - comedy song, ballad, pop/rock uptempo, legit classical sound. Depends what you’re using it for. Show ‘em what you can do, and don’t stress! X

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Ey thanks a lot! I've been pulling my hair out about doing it right

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