Any Good Showreel Companies That Film?

I've just spent the last three months trying to make a collaborative showreel thing work, only to have it implode again. So, at this point I just need some footage. Any one have any great showreel companies they've worked with that film and possibly edit? Any leads would be much appreciated! Thanks

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Hi Ariel,

I just filmed last week with a showreel company who film and edit. An actor friend of mine was using this company and asked me to do one of his scenes with him. The company do an assortment of packages depending on your needs, and my friend was having 2 scenes filmed that day - a drama scene with me, and then later that day, a comedy with another actor.

Anyway, it was a really good experience and I'd recommend this company:

The company had written a strong dramatic scene for my friend, I got sent the script well in advance, and the e-mail communications from the director were very professional beforehand.

On the day, we spent 3 hours on the shoot, and the director had fluid and fresh ideas and gave excellent and very helpful direction throughout.

Obviously, I haven't seen any of the footage yet, but we were all pleased with how it went.

Worth checking out their site!

I hope you're keeping well.


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Effy Willis

Hi Ariel,

I recommend Ultimate showreels. They can organise another actor with you if you're struggling too and it's high quality footage.
Their website is

It's £100 for a scene and tbh that's cheap for the quality you get! They put my showreel together for me, but I've seen their scenes and they are very good.

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Hi Ariel

I highly recommend Slick Showreels. I did mine with them and I've had great feedback from it. They are super lovely to work with and they offer complete packages, including writing scenes and finding actors and locations if you need. They have also just won an Oscar so they must be doing something right!


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Hi Ariel,

Grey London Films offer high quality showreels for £100 per scene and will edit everything together.

Email - [email protected]
Instagram - @greylondonfilms

Rhiannon x

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User Deleted
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I run a media production company myself. Here's my website if you're interested

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Hi Ariel,

I am not sure if this is too late....

I am actually shooting a new show reel on 2nd August and I need a girl and two guys. So it's 3 different scenes. I am doing it with (As James mentioned before)

So once they send me the script if you like it or would like to do it with me then we could chat?

I am also looking for two men. One to play a husband type and one to play a action type role.

So if anyone see this and would like to shoot let me know. I will send all details.

Thank you all.


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Lydia Robin

I just did a scene with Blame the Consumer - A guy that films it is called Remi and he is amazing, he writes the script, films and edits them!

You can check all his work on Youtube, I would highly recommend, I am going to book 2 more scenes.

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