Brixton/ Brixton Hill Actors

Hey Brixton people,

I have a lovely self-tape setup and am always looking for actors who are interested in recording self-tapes with the reader in the room. It's so much easier to create a good piece of work with the other person physically present.

I'm happy to come to people's houses and/ or have people come over to use my setup and looking for people who would be interested coming over to help me as well with my tapes.

It would be great to end up with a set of people in the area to support each other.

Hope to hear from many of you :)


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Hiya Isabel,

This sounds like a fab idea. I'd be happy to be part of this support system- I'm not too far from Brixton myself.

Kindest Regards

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Hi Benjamina,

Thanks so much for reaching out. I'll be collecting people together and then we'll kick it off :)

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hi there do mind me asking is the roll for males

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Hello Isabel,

Think this is a great idea. I'm also looking to build a sort of network of people to help and get help with self tapes. I'm East London based but happy to come to Brixton. So if you still have space count me in!

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Hi Isabel,

I would love to collaborate with you and others. I am over in Nottinghill Gate, but I know Brixton very well. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Cool, why don’t you guys send me pm with a your number so we can set up a WhatsApp group for a first meeting!

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Hi Isobel, I’m happy to help wither in person or over zoom.

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