remote recording?

Victoria Jayne-charlotte
Voice Over: English

Hi guys

Does anyone know how I can add a remote recording facility for a director to join in on a voiceover recording in my home studio?

Many Thanks

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Kasper Michaels
Voice Over: Canadian

you have a couple of options. if you use Windows Chrome, you can use the free Source Connect NOW, which will allow the other party to join in. Good quality sound, probably as close as they can get. A lot of this will depend on if you have a monitor in your booth. The standard way people call in is Zoom, Skype, Google Meets, Teams... with these options more than one person can dial in. Unless you have an app on your phone to act as a webcam, there will be no picture, but that should be fine for a voice session.
the director will have to be reminded that the sound from these is not the sound being recorded. Any bumps or hiss they here will not be recorded. Also, unless you have the gear, there is no playback. simply offer to provide another take or a safety take.
I'm not an engineer, but if you have any questions, please send me a mail my way.

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Sally Walker-Taylor
Voice Over: English

I like Cleanfeed on Chrome for free remote dial-ins (Or Source Connect Standard, but that's paid) Really though, it's on the director/producer to sort and provide the link, but you can make some suggestions if they are not familiar.

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