Showreel scenes in West Midlands

Collene Webb

Hi fellow actors

I struggled to find what I was looking for with showreel companies in the West Midlands region, but was pleased to stumble across Country Star Productions in Stourbridge run by Gary Rogers…

Gary is an excellent, prolific cinematographer and lovely, genuine guy. He seems to care about actors and listened to everything I required for my showreel update. He also uses ‘top end’ cinema cameras such as Red Digital Cinema and Sony Cinema Line. He has shot 13 feature films and counting as well as video content for music, TV, corporate and more. His clients have included Netflix and Sony Pictures.

Gary filmed two scenes which I’d written. We worked together really well and I’m now screenwriter for bespoke showreel scenes at Country Star Productions. (I’m an award-winning screenwriter as well as an actress.)

I realise that this post may have been more suited to the ‘Noticeboard’ of Mandy, but that seems to have disappeared from the site now. However, please see this as a genuine recommendation from a fellow Midlands actor, because Country Star Productions was a great find for me!

I hope this is helpful. More information on the ‘showreels’ tab of the website:

All the best

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