Anyone want to make a short film for fun in Birmingham?

Matthew Troman

Hey everybody! I am a cinematographer based in Birmingham and want to shoot a narrative short to practice my craft. Looking for other people who want to do the same. Ideally want to get this film into festivals but ultimately use it as a learning experience and just to get something on-screen would be great!
I'll link my website down below and message if you are interested.

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Sean Sadler

I'm interested! Not in Birmingham though but willing to collab.


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I am interested

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User Deleted
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Absolutely, I'm from the Birmingham area and always looking for work!

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Byrone Nicholson
Camera Operator (HD)

Hey all,

I'd be interested in connecting with people and creating something, was in a previous post like this, I'm sure
some of those contacts would love to jump in on this.

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Paul Shelley
Creative Director

Hey everyone, I’d love to join in, get involved and meet you all. I’m looking to build up as a boom op and learn more on location sound. Also, happy and able to do VO, SFX, and help with audio editing. I currently co run a video production company based in Birmingham

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Luigi Galasso

I am interested ! As 1st assistant or cameraman. In London though.

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Cat Partridge
Make-up Artist

Hi, i am a Birmingham based MUA looking to get in to film and television and would love to collaborate.

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Wojciech Dudzicz


I will be more than happy to help with colour grading.

Cheers! :)

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Maria MIllan

Hi dear,

I hope you are well. I saw that you offer to collaborate editing and colour grading in that post about making a film. I thought in writing you because during lockdown I made a feature film documentary with my own resources and I am now putting together a rough cut. Is almost finished and I thought it would be great to get someone's else eyes on it.
The film is quite controversial. It ticks all the boxes of what festivals and distributors want. Please, let me know if you want to come onboard :)

Have a great evening,
Maria Millan
IG: @mariamillanart

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Helly Blyth
Production Assistant

Hey I am interested! I'm a video editor from London though

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Hello dear Matthew,

I would gladly love to work with you on a project ( Short Film ) that will be going into production in late November or early December which takes place in Birmingham with some Cast and Crew already on board. Initially, I was going to do the cinematography myself but after seeing your post today I believe you would be a great choice as our cinematographer. We are getting some of our crew from Coventry, Bristol, and Birmingham. We need someone who's willing to be creative and has a keen eye for visual storytelling because this short film will be submitted to festivals around the world. If you are interested please let us know.

Thank you, kind regards

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Jasper Nelson

I'd be up to come to Birmingham from Sweden to be the producer.

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Ian Snape

Hi guys I'm also a DOP/Camera operator with gear based in Birmingham. Looking to shoot some shorts myself after shooting a few feature lengths films the past couple of years.
If anyone is interested in linking please drop me a message.
My website is (mainly corp work) or instagram @ritualvisualsmedia

Look forward to hearing off you guys in regard to doing something in the area. :)

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Paul Shelley
Creative Director

Hi everyone,

We decided to make some events to bring together professionals in the video and audio industries in Birmingham for casual drinks and meet up.

All welcome. Anyone in or related to the moving imagery and audio industries - from sound recordists to actors, animators, gaffers, make up artists, illustrators, musicians, videographers, photographers, editors, set designers, VO artists, DOPs, directors, AD's etc .. you get the 'picture'.

No agenda, just a time to get to know some of the great creatives in the city, just jump in and join any time.
We'll be in the front of the bar near the entrance on the left with a sign!
Thurs 2nd Dec, Purecraft Bar & Kitchen, 30 Waterloo St, Birmingham B2 5TJ 6-9pm

Look forward to meeting those who come along!

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