Creative people wanted!

My name is Simonetta and I am looking for creative people to work with. I would love to make short videos, photos or monologues- art!
It is not paid, all I’m looking for are friends who loves art as much as me :)

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Ste Purse


I'd be interested. I have a unique look which may make interesting photos and videos and I like writing and performing for the camera. There are a few monologues on my profile. My insta is @stepurse and my twitter is @StePurse. It would be great to work on things together.

Ste x

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Hello Simonetta,

I have recently relocated to London and I would love to meet someone creative who loves art as much as me!

So if you're still interested just message me!


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I am 100% interested, I love collaborations.
Drop me a message :)

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