Director looking for HODs

I'm a Manchester based director looking for HODs for collaborations on future projects. I'm really interested to meet DoPs, production designers, art directors and make-up and costume. I mainly make genre film, so anyone with a particular interest in thriller, horror, sci-fi and sub genres would be ideal. Roles would be paid at NLW, wish it was more, however want to be transparent in regard to budget levels and funding. Would be great to meet those who know the limits of indie film, whilst also appreciating the creative freedom it can allow. For further information my website is

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Hi Helen,

I'm a makeup and prosthetics artist based in the North West, with a particular interest in horror and sci-fi. I'm eager to collaborate with passionate crew and build up a trusted, reliable network, so would love to get in touch with you and discuss what kind of projects you had in mind.
Some of the work I can currently share is on my website and my email is if you'd like any more info from me.

Thank you,

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Hi Helen,

I'm a London-based costume designer and would be absolutely thrilled to expand my work into Sci-fi and horror.

You can take a look at my work here: and my email is if you would like to get in touch.

Thanks and best,

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Owen Cant
Camera Trainee

Hey Helen! Been a while. Hope you're well! :)

I've just left film school, would be interested in collaborating!

You can see my work at


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Hi, I work in art department and I'm London based. On smaller jobs I art direct. I'd be interested to do something too.


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Hi Helen, SFX supervisor /SeniorTech 25+ years

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Hey Helen,

I'm a London-based DoP and have recently finished my master's. I'm doing freelance work now as an editor as well, and I am very interested in genre films. I have shot a lot of drama, and would absolutely love to be a part of sci-fi/thriller-based scripts!

You can take a look at my work here:
My email:


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Thanks everyone for your responses! It's great to hear from all of you. I'm going to have a look at the links and I will be in touch!

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Steven Wyatt
Director of Photography

HI Helen, my name is Steven Wyatt and i'm a cinematographer. Please find my work here :

Based in the Manchester area.

Many Thanks

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Ruth Pease
Make-up Artist

Hi Helen, I’m a Hair, Makeup & Prosthetics artist/ Designer based in London with 15yrs experience in the industry. I’m a big horror fan with plenty of experience in the genre. I love to collaborate with passionate film makers & would definitely be interested in future projects!

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Abi Timmins
Director of Photography

Hi Helen, I'm a DoP! See my website here for my work:

Let me know if you fancy a coffee or a zoom chat sometime!

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Thanks everyone for the responses. I think I have responded to everyone privately. If I have missed you though please let me know! It isn't intentional!

Selina - I'm unable to message you on here for some reason. If you'd like to get in touch my email address is:

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Hi Helen, i am a costume designer wirh experience in costume standby, costumer, costume maker and wardrobe assistant in both theatre and film.
I would love to work work with you in the future in any upcoming projects.
I have attached my CV and link to my portfolio for you to have a look at.
Im able to travel wherever I am needed.

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Hey Helen! I am a DOP who recently moved to the UK for university with 5 of experience working in narrative and non-narrative films! Would love to connect and potentially collaborate on future projects!

Heres a link to my showreel:

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Hi Helen,

I'm an experienced DOP and Steadicam operator based in both London and Liverpool. Your genre projects sound fascinating, and I'd love to discuss potential collaborations. You can check out my work at Let's connect and chat further!


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Andrew Schonfelder

Hi Helen
I'm a cinematographer and steadicam op with own kit based on the wirral. Showreel here If any of that is of interest be good to hear from you.

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Hi Helen,

I am a production manager and assistant producer with experience in creating music videos, advertisements, and short films.

Over the past three years, I have worked on a variety of projects both small and large, gaining a solid understanding of the industry and production process. Here is my CV:

You can also view my portfolio of independent work, which I have created myself, here:

I would greatly appreciate your consideration for any relevant positions within your production team. I am really happy to assist in any way possible.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to connect.

Thank you for your time.


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Ross Yeandle
Director of Photography

Hi Helen,

I'm a very experienced DOP (shooting on film and digital) and am keen to build ongoing relationships with Directors that I share creative alignment with.
I've shot 6 feature films, many short films and decades of commercial work:

I really enjoy shooting drama/thrillers and have experience shooting action and fighting sequences.
I also have in-house kit: RED rig, 16mm Arriflex rig, lenses (Angénieux, Meike, Sigma, Ironglass, Zeiss: spherical and anamorphic options), lighting (many thousand watts of tungsten and LED, modifiers etc.), gimbal rig, tracks/dolly, generators etc....i.e. the full works!

Reels and my full portfolio can been seen on my website:
Please give me a call on 07942 319207, or drop me a line ( to chat further.
All the best,

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Ewan Mulligan
Director of Photography

Good morning Helen how are you? I hope really, really, really, really, really well.

I’ma. DoP, working in television and feature drama, and I'd love to say hello and find out some more about your upcoming projects.

During the last year and a half I’ve been shooting some great projects. I came off a Netflix drama in the Andaman Islands, off the coast of Thailand, over a year ago and went straight onto a massive and very technical Netflix drama in Jordan and Nepal about a plane hijacking - more than a 1000 VFX shots; CGI planes, a fully realised Kandahar Airport built in Unreal Engine. Fascinating.

Then this past summer/autumn I radically shifted gears and spent some time in Cardiff on the second Famous Five for the BBC, with Mr. Nic Winding Refn running the show, which was a treat. Apparently they’re screening it primetime on Easter weekend - we’re pumped up. Lovely article on the BBC about it:

I’m just finishing up that hijacking series now: grading in Milan for three weeks. We're very excited to show people what we’ve done. My view: insane planes.

Anyway thanks ever so much for your time, crossing my fingers and toes there’s a chance we can work together at some point.

Have a good one!

Ewan Mulligan
07725 223 720

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