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Aloña Walsh

Just wanted advice.
Do most people have one or two instagrams?
Is it best to have a seperate business account and personal account? Or to have one for both?

Or would people say its a personal preference

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If it is for acting, then just have one. If your business is very different to who you are as a person, then create one for the business.

Most actors have just one, I have one myself and it is combined as personal, actor, author, filmmaker and influencer. ( so as you can see there are lots going on in just one profile.

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From the research that I have done it is advised that if you have a personal Instagram then you should create one for your business/acting career. This should only showcase your work, head shots, film clips and portfolio images, behind the scenes etc. Treat it like a place to show your work rather than a fan page as when you are an unknown, no one cares about your latest holiday or what you are eating for dinner, wearing etc. Hope that makes sense, follow me and I will follow you back if you can find me. x

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Darryl Jason

I only have one Instagram profile which I tend to use for everyday use. I’m not one for taking selfies every 5 minutes of every day. I’m more of a movie buff and love to upload clips of films I’m watching and dvd covers etc (it’s a great way to socialise with other movie fans)
I always use it for my headshots and showreeles. And also my radio show which I do at weekends.
So yeah I’m on Instagram if any fellow actors want to follow and I’ll follow you back and connect on there...

My Instagram addy is: darryljason

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Hey guys! Hope you are all doing good during this shifting time.
Just posting something here for the first time.

Apart of doing acting in movies etc I also post on my Instagram profile some fun skits under 1 minute. So if you would like to see what I do, here is my Instagram profile: OR @louisjuliaan.

Thank you sooo much for being who you are. It is important, especially nowadays.
Have a lovely day,
Much Love.


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Hello, my name is Jei. I have attached my accounts here as i would love to know more people in the industry and connect:


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Leah Glater



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Insta @lucafedericobarbarossa

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I just have one, post stuff in my career and passions

@coughlan_tony :)

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Jade Coles

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Daniel Bruce

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Tyler Gibson

My INSTAGRAM is @tylergibsonofficial - Road to 60k

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hey there, nice to meet you all! do follow me on instagram @cshenmei

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