Introducing Eskobros: Twin filmmaker duo in London

Raul Esko

Hey there! I'm Raul Esko (24), reaching out along with my twin brother, Romet Esko, to introduce ourselves to the Mandy network. We are a dynamic filmmaker duo known as the Eskobros and recently moved to London.

We are currently on the finish line of our master's degrees at London MetFilm School, with a specialization in directing and cinematography. Originating from Estonia, we were born in the late '90s, and our artistic souls were forged by Cartoon Network, and '90s action flicks. Our love affair with cameras began when we snagged our first camcorder at the age of 10, and we've been filming everything ever since.

Over the last few years we have created a variety of awarded films, music videos and commercial works. This summer marked a significant milestone as we wrapped up production on our first feature film, slated for release in 2024. Word on the street is that we've got a signature style that's harder to miss than a UFO landing, a next-generation visual voice that's here to poke fun at the world in the name of creating something fresh and fantastic. You can chek out our portfolio over at to get a taste of our style.

Now, freshly planted in the concrete jungle of London, we're on the hunt for all kinds of collaborations and itching to soak up the industry's juiciest experiences and connections. Back in our home country we reached a point where we knew the industry from top to bottom, but London feel like a whole new ball game when starting off and not knowing anybody.

So feel free to hit us up with anything, we are chill and friendly. The dream would be to work on music video projects. Cheers! :)

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Hey guys, just saw your showreel on IG - crazy stuff, truly incredible portfolio - are you just looking for established individuals?

Or would you be open to accepting free labour from someone like myself who has been doing his own thing solo for a number of years now but really wants to lean more into the "film" side of things?

I've been solo freelancing for businesses and small clients, but I'm looking to gain more experience with bigger budget shoots, industry standard cameras and I want to build connections beyond my own clients.

If there's ever a chance you'd be interested my portfolio and email are here:

Peace and love ✌

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