Looking for a London based Writing Collaborator/Partner

Matt West

I'm a filmmaker, mostly in the sense that I direct films and I write most of what I make. However, I'd say I'm a writer only in terms of creating a broad concept and narrative, but lacking in beautifully connecting the dots, breathing life into characters through their dialogue and expanding on the details.

I'd love to meet a writer who can compliment me (and hopefully me them), throwing ideas around and helping to develop scripts that I would then direct. Ideally someone London based, as I'd prefer to meet and collaborate in person from time to time.

I already have a couple of new short film ideas I'd like help developing (low-to-no budget kind of projects), and a feature that's ready for fresh eyes. But I'd be excited to meet someone whom I can develop a good working relationship with on projects going forward.

Anyone out there?

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Shannon Hammond
Content Producer

Hey Matt,

I'm a Producer in Southampton, Hampshire. I have written in the past, but not my strongest area.

I do know a few that I can send your way if you like.

In the meantime, if you ever need a producer, casting director or AD let me know. [email protected], or my website - https://www.shannonhammondproducer.com.


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Alexandre Oldcorn

Dear Matt,

My name is Alexandre, and I am a young, aspiring French-American screenwriter, who completed his further studies here in London and recently graduated from London Film School's Screenwriting MA.

I have a feature film and a few shorts to my portfolio, and am currently working on a TV series.

God knows writing can be a lonely task, and especially starting out, networking is key. In particular, I have a single-location short film I want to make this year, and would love to have the input of an experienced director (and who knows, maybe help direct it) !

In any case, I would love to meet for a coffee ! And in the meantime, I can send you my Writer's CV and send you anything you'd be interested to check out.


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Haydn Worley

Hi Matt,

I'm a London-based screenwriter and I'm looking for directors/writers/producers to collaborate with.

You can see my website for info on me and some of my projects: https://haydnworley.webnode.com. My email address is: [email protected]

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,


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Izichi Elenwo

Hey Matt
It’s great to see writers like yourself motivated. I would be delighted to network with you and join your writing dept. I also direct and have many ideas and freelance of filmmaking and composing videography and writing scripts. Graduated from university of Kent doing performing arts, directing and creative writing and various modules within filmmaking it’ll be great to form a team with you and link up for coffe and share your ideas and thoughts. Thank you!

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