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Pui Chan
Production Assistant (PA)

Hello all, I am Amanda

I am a green filmmaker and i am looking to connect filmmakers to develop and produce films/documentaries.
My graduation project was a documentary regarding a group of volunteers in Hong Kong. (FYI I am new to the UK ) Feel to message for the link of it :)

Please drop me a message if you're interested!

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Guillermo Pita

Hey Amanda! Would love to check out your graduation documentary. If you are ever in need for a composer I am happy to have a chat and discuss any upcoming projects; I saw you also studied animation, that's a branch I am very passionate about :)

Best wishes,


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Ian Chen

Hi Amanda. I'd love to check out your grad project as well. I'm a Taiwan-based editor/visual effects artist with experience in civil society and NGO business.

Best wishes,

IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4188275/

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Ray Anyasi

Hi Amanda, I am interested in collaborating on screenplay writing if that's needed.

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Karl Baison

Hey Amanda, I hope that you're well. I'm a Camera Assistant and photographer, and I also have experience as a researcher. I would be interested in having a look at your project!

Best wishes,


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Pui Chan
Production Assistant (PA)

Hello all,

Thank you for all your replies.

Below link is my documentary :) Please free feel to drop me a message!



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Toby Boston

Hi Pui!

I am a film composer, and I would love to connect and collaborate on projects in the future! Would be really keen to have a chat and talk film!

Portfolio: www.knowyoumusic.com

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Richard Parker
1st AD (Assistant Director)

HI Amanda,

whereabouts are you based?


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Miles Halley
Lighting Tech / Operator

Hi, I have also just finished university and would love to connect with you and your upcoming projects!

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Lauren Finch

Hi Amanda,

I am a composer and would love to connect with you! Feel free to check out my website www.laurenfmusic.co.uk, as well as my portfolio playlist: https://on.soundcloud.com/SBLx3

Best wishes,


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Shannon Hammond
Content Producer

Hey Amanda,

Found your documentary very informative.

I'm a producer based in Southampton, Hampshire. If you ever need a project needing a producer, get in touch!

At - [email protected], or my website - https://www.shannonhammondproducer.com.


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Alex Robert
Editor (Final Cut Pro)

Hi Amanda, I am currently studying Modern History and French at the University of Warwick and I would love to take part in future projects with you.
Here is a little bit of information about myself:
I always like to link what I do in my courses with film and cinema whenever I can. Furthermore, I try to live my passion for cinema outside of my academic life. I take summer courses at film schools and try to find some work experience here and there. I would describe myself as someone who is dedicated and passionate about the things I enjoy and love most. Even with my limited professional work experience in this sector, I have been editing in my own time for the past 5 years or so on Final Cut Pro. Making trailers of my favorite movies and making thematic edits as well. But I would love to get professional experience as a cinematographer. I have only taken stills/frames.

Alexandre Robert

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