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Robert McDougal
Camera Operator

Hi there, I'm Rob and I'm looking to shoot more narrative content.

I have recently just shot a Short film for Sky Arts and Creative UK with Director Johnny Massahi, which is due to be aired in the next few weeks and I cant wait to show you. I'm also in the early preproduction stages of shooting three music videos this year for an up and coming band which is also exciting!

As much as I'm grateful for these opportunities, I forever feel the desire to always be finding new stories to connect with, and help Directors develop a visual style.

I'm happy to talk to anyone within any field, but with being a DoP, my call out needs to be towards Directors and Producers.

I pride myself on enabling your visualisation, and work through the deeper emotions of each shot. Everything that exists on the screen needs to have a level of emotion and its my job to ensure that the visual side of that is consistent. I will challenge your decisions at times, but I will never push for my own ideas over yours. I absolutely love portraiture and wide shots, but struggle to find a place in the world for mids unless the script demands it. I'm currently studying Gregory Crewdson for his beautiful imagery but have lit films from period sets, all the way through to Modern day.

I have been working in video along side narrative for 10 years now and the skills I have developed over that time are absolutely key to moving over to DoP styled work. Time keeping and forward planning are the most important elements to shooting. The creativity happens on paper before we touch a camera on set and then we are left to trust the amazing crew around us. I pride myself on being a caring HoD and safety, both mentally and physically are above everything else. No matter what role, we all deserve to be treated like human beings. I respect the complicated decisions you have to make on a daily basis and we are all in the same pot when it comes to balancing a budget.

If anything of this sounds appealing to you, I'm always open for a conversation regardless of the scale of project.

You can find me hanging out on Instagram here instagram.com/robert_mcdougal
Or you can visit my website for more info and my CV robmcdougal.com

Thank you so much if you made it this far and I really look forward to hearing form you.

All the best, Rob

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Clemence Bartram

Hey Rob,

I just had a look at your website, think we may have a few contacts in common! I added you on insta - I don't have much on atm but good to connect.

All the best


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Chenlei Pan
Production Designer

Hi Rob,

I’m a London-based filmmaker who just graduated from London Film School MA Filmmaking course. I’ve been working as a production designer, a director and also a video editor for different projects.

I’ve sent my portfolio to your email address, please have a look if you are interested.

Many thanks,

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Sabrina Fiorini
Deputy Stage Manager

I am Sabrina. I have been out of the industry due to personal reason. I am trying to get back to it.
I am trying to develop my skills as a Director.
I am looking for projects.
Also I have a few projects of my own I am trying to bring to life with the help of other creative.
Live in London.


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