Jane McIntyre
Voice Over: English

Hello again--you may or may not have responded to a chat topic on here, about meeting up in London sometime. I've got a list of at least a dozen people who expressed an interest in grabbing a glass of something one evening, possibly on the South Bank (hopefully when it's looking a bit warmer), either to have a 'rant' about changes on this website, or to chat about the voiceover world in general. I'm keeping an eye on railstrike dates at the moment, for those of us who'll be travelling in, but will throw out some possible dates asap. If you responded some weeks back, I have your email addresses. If anyone else wants to be notified, give me a toot.

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Jane McIntyre
Voice Over: English

Just in case you missed it.....or my email dived into your spam....I've now written to everyone who showed interest in a possible London meet up to talk about voiceover life, suggesting a couple of dates. Please come back to me asap with your thoughts! Jane x

  • 4 weeks ago
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Shelley Anderson-Tahiri
Voice Over: English

Apologies Jane, I’ve only just seen this. I would love a meet up with fellow VOs.

  • 3 weeks ago
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Jane McIntyre
Voice Over: English

LONDON VO MEET-UP...LAST CALL for Monday June 5th !!!!
Hello again, everyone. After a rush of replies from lots of people keen to meet up on the South Bank to have a chat about voiceover looks as though Monday June 5th might work. If you'd like me to book somewhere from, say, about 5.30 pm, please let me know today or tomorrow. Best to email me please, on . I think we'd need to have a minimum of, say 8 of us there and hopefully more. Thanks!

  • 2 weeks ago
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Edward Llewelyn
Voice Over: Welsh

Hi Jane, am based in Wales & unable to make next week but would definitely be great to catch up with fellow VO’s in future

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Jane McIntyre
Voice Over: English

Hi Edward, OK, will keep your name on the list for any future meet ups.
Anyone else who's missed the message thread on this; in short, a group of former/present Mandy members are meeting at 5.30 pm in London this Monday, June 5th to have a chat about voiceover work and some of the challenges we've been facing on some websites. Interested? Email me asap at

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Andrew Lawden
Voice Over: English

just seen this and missed meet up , though was close by ! any more coming up

  • 3 days ago
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Chase Langley
Voice Over: English

how did it go?

  • 2 days ago
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Jacob Z Klimaszewski
Voice Artist

Hello all!
Sorry to have missed this! I hope it was a great success.
I wonder whether there's an appetite for a virtual meetup sometime? Travel is soooo expensive (and unreliable) at the mo!

Thoughts? :)

  • 2 days ago
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