Northern/North Western UK crew/Creatives?

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Would love to connect with other creatives/crew based in the N/NW. Drop us a line below and a link to your website/portfolio!

I'm a Writer/Director/Freelance video producer with a few projects in the pipeline based in Liverpool.
Here's my website where you can learn a little bit more about me and see my work!

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Tim Bourque

Hey Karl

I’m a video editor based in Widnes, not far from Liverpool. Always looking for collaborations with other creatives!

Here’s my editors reel!



  • 10 months ago
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Pui Chan
Production Assistant (PA)

Hope youre doing well. My name is Amanda and i come from Hong Kong. I have recently moved to the UK and now would to gain some experiences and collaborate on future projects. Any help would be much appreciated. Please just let me know if you need a PA/runner


  • 9 months ago
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Marcelo Moraes
Music Producer

Hi, im a composer, based in coventry
Im more than happy in collaborate in your projects

Some of my portfolio

  • 9 months ago
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David Kennedy North
Director of Photography

Hey Karl,

DOP here, based in North Wales/Chester. Always keen to chat over projects or snowball ideas. Currently my websites are under construction but check out my page on here for credits or head over to my Insta account @dcpetts to shoots etc.

All the best,


  • 9 months ago
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Elise Lucia
Art Dept Assistant

Hi there!

My name is Elise Lucia, living in Leeds at the moment but with bases in Manchester and Liverpool! I work primarily in the art dept but have also got plenty experience in the AD dept. Would love to hear from you if there any crewing opportunities that are coming up in the new year!

  • 9 months ago
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Karl Baison

Hey, I'm a Camera assistant/photographer based in Manchester. I also have experience as a video editor and 1st AC. Always up for collaborating with other creatives.

Kind regards


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Jessica Bellion
Costume Designer

Hi Karl,
I'm a Costume Designer/Costume Assistant who is based in Chester, would be really interested in making some new contacts and exploring the possibility of new creative opportunities!

Here's my website:

  • 9 months ago
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Tom Rout
Director of Photography (DOP)

Hey Karl,

I'm a DP based in Manchester. Always looking to collaborate!

Here's my work -


  • 9 months ago
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Hammad Munir
Content Producer

Hi Karl,

I'm a video content creator & editor based in Glasgow. Moved here recently, looking for opportunities. Feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to collaborate.

Here are some of my projects

  • 9 months ago
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Holly Early
Sound Mixer / Recordist

Hi Karl,

Great to meet you! I am a sound recordist and post-sound editor based in Pontefract/Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Would be great to work together.

Here's my website -

  • 9 months ago
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Adam Hutton
Sound Designer

Hiya Karl,

Im a sound designer/engineer, video editor and writer based in Liverpool. I mainly work in live events but am keen to branch out into video work.

Would be happy to chat more with you!

All the best,


  • 9 months ago
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Ademola Adenle

Hi guys,
I am a creative director, scriptwriter and story teller. I live in Middlesbrough and looking forward to meeting and collaborating with you guys.

Some of my works

  • 9 months ago
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Anita Ashby
Makeup Artist

Hi Everyone

I am a MUA in yummy yorkshire (near leeds)!

Would love to collaborate.

here is my profile

best wishes


  • 8 months ago
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David Spain

Hi everyone,

I'm a Screenwriter based in Gateshead (just beside Newcastle), and I'm definitely interested in collaboration!

Best wishes, and hope to work with you soon,


  • 8 months ago
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Isabella Rebellato
Director of Photography

Hi I'm Isabella and I'm a DOP based in Manchester. I also work as Documentary photographer. Let me know if you have any projects coming soon!

All the best

  • 8 months ago
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Sean Sadler

Hello always looking to collaborate with fellow creatives.

Producer, Editor and Assistant

  • 8 months ago
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Paul Birmingham

I'm a vfx compositor and editor so definitely interested in collaboration with anyone in the north west.

  • 8 months ago
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Hannah Gordon
Production Assistant (PA)


I'm a virtual assistant that works exclusively with the entertainment sector. I'm based in the North East- Newcastle but I work remotely. Would love to collaborate!

  • 8 months ago
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Alan Livesey

Hi everyone,

I'm a director and script supervisor based in Liverpool, with experience in film, TV and music videos - would love to connect with more northern creatives!

  • 8 months ago
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Jason Lee
Key Grip

Hi Karl,

I’m Jason and I am a Grip, I am based near Chester and predominantly work in Manchester and Liverpool, but also further afield, I’ve attached a link to my IMDB, but also my profile on here has my CV and contact details, I also own most grip equipment too.

Many Thanks


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