Producer looking for new projects

Jordan Lonsdale

Hey Everyone,

I'm a London based producer currently looking to find a new project to collaborate on. Would love to hear about the projects everyone is working on.

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Hey Jordan!

I'm interested in doing some collabs! Should we chat to see if anything makes sense to work on together?

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Alexandre Oldcorn

Hey Jordan,

I am young Screenwriting MA graduate from the London Film School, with several short scripts I am working to develop.

I am currently working on a short film, but have two other, more ambitious short scripts, which I was looking to submit to the BFI Short Film Fund to help with their prospective production. I think because of their subject matter, they could make promising submissions... The applications close at the end of the month, so it could be tight, but I do think it's worth a shot !

The first, Choked, follows an MMA fighter in the North of England dealing with inadmissible feelings towards one of his teammates.

The second is a dark psychological drama, I would say, which sees a young girl's world start to crumble following a visit to her beloved Grandpa John.

Anyway, if you have experience with the process, or would just be interested to take on a project, hit me up at / send me your contact details and I can send you the scripts !

There would be small payment, but we can discuss that if you are interested.


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Lily Paris

Hi Jordan,

I'm a writer/director from East Anglia, and I'm currently in dire need of a producer for a short I'm planning to get funding for. It's a psychosexual drama taking heavy inspiration from turn-of-the-millennium Japanese horror like A Snake of June and Visitor Q. If that's something you might be interested in, then please drop me a message!


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Vanessa Bailey

Hi Jordan!
I'm a film, commercials and music video director and HMUA always looking for exciting and challenging new projects :) Based in London. Currently looking to direct a feature. Vanessa

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