YouTube lets connect! Also, how useful do you find it?

Hi Everyone,

I recently created an account on YouTube to upload my monologues. In order to keep practising acting, I thought working on one monologue a week and posting it online will help keep me active.

Are any of you on YouTube? I'd love to follow your channel and see your work!
My profile name is: Clara Maria Rose // Actress

Also, I have a question. What are your experiences with YouTube, has it helped you get a job, by networking or uploading videos?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Hi Clara I liked your version of professor umbridge and I think this is a brilliant idea to keep active as a performer.

I’m currently in the process of editing a short film called The summer Bike rides feel free to check out my channel too like yourself I’m Farley new to YouTube so it’s a work in progress currently haha but I’d love to connect with more actors like yourself :)

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Hi Marcus,
Thank you so much!

I'm excited to see the new short film when it comes out.
Great showreel you have on your channel

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Dave Short

Hello Clara (and Marcus!)
I have been on YouTube since 2008, and have many different videos uploaded. For me the advantage is that you can easily send a direct URL of a particular video or clip to perspective employers without having to send them a large download.
Currently, as I have lots of clips in several different genres, I am working through creating Playlists to group similar videos together and thus make it easier for users to find specific content!
My channel can be found here:-
Good luck with everything, and keep uploading videos!

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Thank you, David, for sharing your experience and connecting on Youtube!

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I did something similar with poetry readings and some audiobooks. May upload monolouges at some point. Id love to see what others are doing.

My channel is:

Hope to connect with you soon.

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Hello everyone!

Subbed to you all on YouTube. I have two accounts. My acting & filmmaking, where I post some of my work. Monologue a week sounds like a fab idea - might try that;). Also, if anyone's up to filming duologues via zoom, I'm up for it, tried it before and works surprisingly well!


And Clara, I've never specifically had work through youtube but then I've never been a regular poster. It's great for collating all work though, I find, and if you make connections it's just an added bonus:)

Hope everyone is well.

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Just watched your fake news 3 Dave that had me in stitches! Jackson I loved the king leopard video and especially the visual effects. Olivia I would definitely be up for filming some duologues on zoom it’s funny you should mention this as I was talking to my mate about this last night.

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Dave Short

Thank you for the kind words, Marcus. Olivia - you appear to have put the same link for both channels?

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Lara Copcutt

Your YouTube looks great.
I have been working on monologues to get back
Into the industry after taking a few years off to have children. Please have a look at mine
Any tips of how to get an agent & back into the industry would be great
Lara x

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Hi Lara I send you a DM

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Hi, I'd love to find out if you find it useful. I'm thinking of doing the same thing, I have only been doing songs recently but I publish work etc...

What I love is that you can hide things you don't want people to see.

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I haven't used mine for acting very much, I mostly upload songs. I am hoping to try and record some monologues and short scenes (and possibly even try to work on some short films or similar which would help to compile a better showreel)

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I have a YouTube channel teaching people how to act, talking about experiences, I have a new interview an actor saga, advice etc. if you would like to subscribe here is the link:

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Matt Robinson
Camera Operator

I've been using Youtube since 2010 since back when I was in college, and have watched it grow and evolve in so many insane ways! I never got the hang of marketing myself on it though plenty of friends of mine have found success with the platform. I prefer to use it as a hub/portfolio place for all my work, both personal & professional.

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Jade Coles

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