Well paid, flexible work for resting Actors.

I'm an actor and left drama school in 2014.

In between acting jobs I work for a company called Freddie's Flowers - a weekly flower delivery service.

I always found it really difficult to find work that was both flexible (so I could go to auditions) and paid me well enough to support living in London.

Freddie's employs young people who are personable, make a great first impression and are great at holding conversation, so actors and performers are obviously ideal. We do this by going to events, pop ups and knocking on doors.

The pay is excellent for those who do well and is worked out on a commission basis. Our sales people typically make anything from £120 - £500 per shift.

It really is a great job to have between performing contracts and perfect for people looking for flexible well paid work.

Anyone who is interested can apply by clicking this link https://apply.workable.com/j/840EBD1AF9

or email me at [email protected]

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