Advice for Actors from Casting Director Sharon Sorrentino

About Sharon Sorrentino, CDG

Top Casting Director and CDG member Sharon Sorrentino has worked on a variety of productions including major feature films (The Raven, Weekender, W.E), TV ( Mount Pleasant, Drunk History, Ballot Monkeys, Strike Back, Robin Hood) and Musical Theatre (Once, Wicked, Billy Elliot the Musical, The Lion King and We Will Rock You).

CCP members were given the opportunity to work on a scene with Sharon and get some invaluable career advice at this CCP Surgery session.

Sharon Sorrentino's Top Tips for Actors

In the audition room:

  • Be open to change - prepare a few different readings of the scene.
  • Find the nuances in the text - show light and dark.
  • Listen to the other actor and respond to what they give you.
  • If reading for small roles aim for naturalism and lower the stakes.
  • Be off book, but keep the script on your lap.

Contacting casting directors:

  • Do not email casting directors out of hours.
  • Focus on contacting casting directors who cast what you want to do - do your research.
  • Contact casting directors every 4 months or when you are in something.


  • Keep your showreel short - around 3 mins.
  • It’s better to have a shorter showreel with good quality pieces.
  • Look out for indie film roles to build up your showreel.

Feedback from Sharon's Surgery

‘Fantastic! Really worthwhile. Highly recommended.’ Mark Carroll

‘Really useful - great advice on approaching castings and casting directors. Sharon put me at ease.’ Olivia Thompson

‘Useful in terms of feedback, helped me to break down the scene and find the moments. Thank you!’ Dan Macclane

‘Very helpful, very informative. Highly recommended. Very lovely lady!’ Melanie Beckley

‘Very enjoyable. Learnt a lot about what to bring into the room in the future. Thanks for the opportunity - a great experience!’ Jack Crutch

‘Great, very enjoyable. I was enjoyed the role I was given to read. So pleased to be chosen to take part’ Lindsay Harding

‘’Great session - most informative. Sharon has a love of actors and this really shone through. Great script to read and Sharon had analysed our profiles in great detail.’ Taryn Kay

‘Very helpful, very good feedback on my showreel and amazing advice on handling ‘small’ roles.’ Okan Elmali

‘Great, really useful feedback. Really grateful I was chosen.’ Ingvild Delia