Audition tips from top TV Drama Director Diana Patrick

About TV Drama Casting Director Diana Patrick

Before entering the Industry as a director, Diana worked successfully as an actor in theatre and television. As a director, Diana has worked extensively in series television and on many of Britain’s most loved continuing dramas including Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Doctors, Heartbeat and Bad Girls.

Diana is about to start directing the new series of FATHER BROWN for the BBC.

Diana Patrick's Top Audition Tips for Actors

Before the audition

  • Be off book and put the work in.
  • Research the director and writer.
  • Research any vocabulary you’re not sure of.

In the room

  • Go to a soap audition in character as far as you can.
  • Be conscious of sightlines - the closer your sightline is to the camera the more impact you have.
  • Ask who to place it to if you’re not told.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the context of the scene and your character.
  • Listen and don’t anticipate the next line.
  • Make the distinction between acting for TV and theatre. TV has to be more internal.
  • Less is more - focus on showing the thought in the eyes.
  • Don’t feel you have to play all the stage directions and exclamation marks if it doesn’t feel right.

Career Development

  • Write to casting directors and directors.
  • Research who is directing, producing and casting the work you want to be in.
  • Soaps are a great way to break into television.

CCP Actor Feedback

‘Great. Really informative to meet Diana and brilliant to get feedback and advice in such a supportive environment.’ Steph Parry
‘Absolutely brilliant! She really put me at ease and I learnt such a lot.’ Will Hearle
‘Great. She gave me direction that was super helpful. Diana was so welcoming, she helped me feel calmer.’ Heather Danner
‘It was very useful to get a TV director’s point of view on my performance and showreel and so useful to chat about where I am in my career and where I need to be.’ Madhav Vasantha
‘She’s lovely! Great advice, I felt like she actually had time for me.’ Hannah Timms
‘Very helpful and supportive. Thank you so much!’ Jeremy Small
‘A fantastic experience! Auditions can be daunting, but she made me feel really confident and relaxed. I learnt a great deal about how the industry works and how to move forward.’ Stephanie Manton
‘It was an excellent session. Diana and Abigail were great to work with - really helpful, supportive and encouraging.’ James Sutherland
‘It was brilliant - made me feel a lot more confident about myself. Great advice on how to approach auditions and market myself.’ Sophie MacKenzie