Becoming a Music Producer - Career Advice

Becoming a Music Producer

There are various facets of the music industry one can choose from and producing is an option for some. Though there are many individuals involved in making music, producers represent only a small fraction of the overall business, and the number of successful ones is even fewer. However, with the right drive and direction, you could end up working for a major corporation like the UK's Electric and Musical Industries Ltd. (EMI), or even establishing your own label.

Getting Started

Before you can begin producing music for the next big star, you have to know where to start. One aspect of being a successful producer is having the expertise to recognise what makes good music. It is, without doubt, very beneficial to become proficient on several instruments. Knowing the sound of different instruments, and what complements them in particular arrangements, will give you a better understanding of what works and what does not.

Also, having an awareness of musical tempos and the ability to read and write music will further your comprehension of what generates a quality album. By expanding your musical knowledge, you will become a greater assistance to the artists for whom you produce.

Lastly, become experienced with soundboards and learn to operate various music software programs. By doing this, you can create different rhythms that will help increase your musical prowess.

Making Connections

Once you have a reached a certain level of skill, your next step is to begin networking. Utilising the same methods many bands employ to get their name out is a great way to start. Inform friends and family that you are pursuing a career in music production. Though they may not be musicians, or even involved in the industry themselves, it is free advertising and can help gain potential contacts.

Another way to publicise your services is by creating business cards and distributing them at concerts or places commonly frequented by musicians. Make sure to include information like your name, means of contact, and hours of operation. This not only assists in making connections, but also portrays a professional image.

Education and Internships

Education and internships are excellent ways to give you a step up above the rest of the competition. Self taught practice is valuable, but learning from a veteran of the business gives you the proper training that will help solidify the chances of career advancement. Using the contacts made while networking, look for internship opportunities that will give you first hand experience in the industry.

Recognised worldwide, London's prestigious Royal Academy of Music is one of the leading schools for music study and production. Attending any university with a credible reputation would expand your employment opportunities.

Becoming a record producer can prove to be a very lucrative vocation among the many professions that make up the music industry. With the proper training and experience, a successful career is possible, as long as you keep in mind the necessary steps to get there.

While getting an education and interning, familiarise yourself with tempos, instruments, and the equipment associated with producing. This understanding will give you the propensity to attack production from different perspectives and help improve the quality of the music. Most importantly, make sure you network. Regardless of how much talent and experience you have, more often than not, it is about who you know. Actively taking the initiative to meet people and make contacts may open the door to becoming the next successful music producer.

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