Benjamin Newsome Casting Advice for Singers

CCP/Singers Pro Surgery sessions are a great opportunity to get free one to one time with an established industry expert. The private session is your chance to brush up on your auditioning skills, get advice on how to move your career forward and ultimately increase your chances of securing auditions and roles!

Benjamin Newsome specialises in Theatre, TV & film casting for the West End, UK & International tours & regional productions.

Benjamin met several CCP and Singers Pro members who got the chance to perform a song, get feedback and careers advice. Read their feedback here and some invaluable advice from Ben too!

‘Good feedback on my songs and how my cv was laid out. Also great feedback from the MD.’ Kris Webb.
‘Really great. I am so grateful. Very helpful and insightful to know what a casting director is thinking when they are watching you. Great opportunity!’ Emily Louise Tomlins.
‘Ben was very welcoming, he really made me feel at ease. Pianist was excellent. The experience really helped build my confidence.’ Leon Rock.
‘Really, really useful. It was so great to have coaching on acting the song and the difference was awesome. Thank you so much!’ Laura Poyner.
‘It was really helpful. Ben was very personable and knowledgeable and it helped to get a real reality check.’ Luke Lane.

'I really enjoyed it. It was a very positive experience. I learnt so much in such a short session. It was a pleasure to meet Ben and Jordan, they were warm and welcoming. The experience made me more determined to pursue my career wholeheartedly.’ Liz Watts-Legg.
'Very informative. I came away with lots of knowledge regarding musical theatre. Thanks Ben, Jordan and CCP.’ Oliver Thomson.
‘Great fun and very useful - loads of important information about how to market myself in musical theatre. Ben and Jordan were wonderful; professional and open.’ Luisa Guerreiro.

Benjamin Newsome's Top Tips for Singers

  • Pull back the movement - don’t distract with hands and arms movements
  • Really connect with the lyrics.
  • Tell the story through the song and the face.
  • Try the lyrics as a monologue first before adding the melody.
  • Look above the director’s head - or ask if they mind you looking at them.
  • Practise and watch as many musicals as possible.
  • Take the panel on a journey.
  • Use social media to connect and find out about work.
  • Keep training and learning.