Building your social media brand as a theatre professional

Let’s face it, getting established in the theatre industry today is increasingly difficult. A saturated market of uber-talented professionals means there’s more competition for jobs and the ways in which a lighting technician, stage manager, costume designer and more can get hired is broader than ever before.

If you’re struggling to get seen by the decision makers in the industry and are unsure why, or feel your strong portfolio of work is not getting the recognition it deserves, you may have fallen victim to being on the wrong side of the digital age. Yes, we’re talking social media.

Whether it’s catching up on your friend’s holiday pics on Instagram, letting your followers know that you hate your morning commute on Twitter or simply falling down the rabbit hole of watching TV blooper reels on YouTube, chances are, you’re doing something on social media. But are you using your time wisely?

Employers and theatrical companies are now looking beyond strong professional experience and a good work ethic when hiring professionals in the theatre industry. Your social media accounts are to be treated as a public, interactive portfolio - it’s no secret that theatre industry bigwigs, and directors are getting hired from what content is displayed on their digital profiles.

Having a well-crafted digital footprint is a great exercise in showcasing your work and creative eye, while helping carve out your niche. Here are just a few ways you can cultivate your social media platforms as a film industry professional and build your brand:

Research yourself

When you type your name into Google, what comes up? Is it social media accounts you haven’t used in years or your website that isn’t displaying your most recent work? This is how you are appearing to employers.

Understand each platform

To establish an effective online presence, understanding the best content to post on each social media platform is key. Strong pieces of filmed media or images? Instagram. Looking to strike up a lighthearted conversation with someone in the industry? Twitter. Full videos or short extracts of your work or set designs? All platforms! YouTube and TikTok especially. Bonus points for using the same handle across each platform!

Consolidate your content

If you’re regularly posting your work or are publishing content in a series-like format, use a hashtag in your posts so visitors can check out all other posts with ease.

Expand your reach

Have you recently worked on a production or attended a networking event and left with only contacts’ email addresses? This can be a pretty dry way to grow potentially rewarding relationships. Swap Twitter or Instagram handles and keep up to date with each other there. Looking to increase your social media engagement? Team up with fellow professionals in the industry and cross collaborate on creating original content and shares.

Working in the theatre industry, you will be used to putting yourself out there professionally - having a strong online presence is no different. Social media is not going anywhere, so it’s about time we embraced the lucrative ways in which we can ride the digital wave.

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