Career Guidance from CDA Casting Directors

We want to ensure our talented communitys remain connected to our industry, allowing them to be in the best possible position to find their next exciting role. Mandy partners with some of the industry's most renowned professionals, and we recently caught up with incredible CDA Casting Directors from the world's of Film, TV and Commercials.

Check out some of their expert advice for actors and links to our conversations in full below.

Leanne Flinn CDG CDA

“Be yourself and try to forget about the casting you just did and know you did your best. Oh, and that the casting director wants you to do well!” Read our full conversation with Leanne.

Shakyra Dowling CDA

"Once you’ve walked out of the casting suite - forget the audition and get on with your life. obsessing over it won’t help you get the job. Be confident that you did your best and if you weren’t right, you weren’t right. It’s rarely something you did that lost you the job." Read our full conversation with Shakyra.

Sue Odell CDA

"Be natural. Enjoy yourselves. Don’t be ashamed of having a second job!" Read our conversation with Sue here.

Thomas Adams CDA

“It may seem corny, but never give up on yourself and always be learning your craft.” Read our full conversation with Thomas here.

Hannah Birkett CDA

“Keep your showreel and headshots up to date.” Read our full conversation with Hannah here.

Emily Tilelli CDA

“If you're ever given the opportunity to be a reader, jump at it. It's an invaluable experience.” Read our full conversation with Emily here.

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