Case Study: On tour #1 hit West End Musical 'The Bodyguard'

Emmy Willow attended our Mandy Singers Surgery with Philip Foster who saw her potential and quickly signed her up to his agency. Within months she was cast in the No.1 tour of the hit West End musical, “The Bodyguard”. We caught up with Emmy on the UK tour and asked her advice on making it and for her top survival tactics on touring.

We last saw you at the Singers Surgery in September last year, so tell us about what’s been happening since then?

Since then, I auditioned for a part in the UK touring production of “The Bodyguard” musical and was offered the role of Backing Vocalist and a cover for the character Nicky. Rehearsals started in January and we have been performing in venues around the UK since February. It has been an absolutely amazing experience so far, extremely busy but such a joy to be part of.

Is the industry how you imagined it?

No, it is better! I had no idea how amazing it feels to be part of such a huge production. So much hard work is put in from everyone and it really is inspiring to be around a team of people who are all amazing in their fields.

What is the best thing about being on tour?

Getting to perform in so many different theatres. Every two weeks we change venue and that means slight changes with choreography and blocking, and I find this keeps the show really fresh as you have to be concentrating at all times. It really is exciting moving the show so frequently and getting the different audience reactions from different parts of the UK. The Glaswegians loved a good sing along to “I Will Always Love You" which was hilarious.

What do you miss most when you are on tour?

My bed. It is a bit strange moving where you stay so often throughout the year. Feels like a huge holiday. But with the whole cast and crew doing the same, it is not a problem.

What (strategy/event/etc) have had the most impact on your career to date?

Being part of the Casting Call Pro Singers’ Surgery has definitely had the biggest impact on my career yet. Before meeting my now agent, Philip Foster, at the Mandy Singers’ Surgery, I was struggling to find auditions. I was not completely aware of what I needed to do well in auditions and I was feeling disheartened with how long it was taking me to get further within the industry. Doing the Mandy Singers’ Surgery and meeting Philip has changed all of this and made it possible for me to be doing what I love.

What is your ultimate goal in your career, and how do you plan to achieve it?

Well, my ultimate goal is probably to always be fortunate enough to be in work, performing as much as possible. I know to make that happen, I need to be on top of my game, constantly striving to improve and never becoming complacent.

Is there any advice you can offer fellow Mandy members on getting discovered in such a tough industry?

Not to give up. It can be extremely discouraging when you are finding it difficult, but with hard work anything is possible. And do not forget to breathe!

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