CDA Awards: Thomas Adams CDA shares his expert advice

Casting directors are often the unsung heroes in our industry, which is why we love to shout about the winners in the annual Casting Directors Association (CDA) Awards. It recognises the hard work they do and, now in its fifth year, was recently held at BAFTA London, highlighting casting talent across commercials, television, and film.

We had the chance to catch up with some of the incredible winners at the 2021 CDAs, lifting the lid on what their go-to advice is for actors, as well as some of their most memorable casting moments. Check out our chat with Thomas Adams CDA below!

Tell us, Thomas, what is your most memorable casting moment?

“Many moments spring to mind but in a casting for babies, with an eccentric director who ordered ‘no-one make eye contact with the baby!’ when he was trying to get a ‘performance’ out of one, was particularly memorable/bizarre!”

And what is your best way to spend a Friday night?

“I’m a huge cinephile, so some delicious food, a good bottle of wine and a classic film after a busy week sounds like a blissful Friday night to me.”

Your guilty TV pleasure?

“Stacey Dooley’s ’This is My House’. On paper, I shouldn’t give a toss, but in reality, I’m glued to it!”

‘When not working, you can find me…’

“Running around after my two young, beautiful, sometimes nightmarish children.”

Finally, what is your best piece of advice for actors?

“It may seem corny, but never give up on yourself and always be learning your craft.”

Congratulations on your win at the CDA Awards, Thomas! Our community always appreciates guidance from the industry’s greatest - thanks for your words of wisdom!