Further Training for Professional Actors

There will come a point in your professional career, perhaps when you're resting or between roles, when you might think about refresher classes or further training. It can be worthwhile, both professionally and in terms of your own self-belief, to keep your skills sharp and flex those acting muscles. It can be all too easy to rest on one's laurels and wait for the work to come your way. You can practice your skills through techniques you will already have learned at drama school such as breathing and vocal exercises. Also, training will help you network and bring you face to face with other actors and professionals, keeping you in the loop for auditions and castings. It's all too easy, once you've graduated and had your first roles, to slip into a void between drama school and regular professional work. Further training can help bridge that void.

While resting why not work on your skills such as singing, accents, stage combat and movement, or different acting techniques. There are many courses out there for specific training. When picking a course find out as much information as possible about the course and school to ensure its reputability. Endorsements from other actors and word of mouth feedback can help in deciding which course to choose before parting with your money. And don't be shy about learning new skills - the more strings to your bow, the more versatile you are, then the more opportunities you'll be suitable for.

It may seem an obvious point but you should also read as many plays and scripts as you can and watch as much live theatre and film as possible - soak it up because these are your peers, your inspiration and your raw material.

The Actor's Studio

The Actors Studio is based at the renowned Pinewood Studios, the leading European provider of studio & film related services to the worldwide film industry.

Offering first class tuition we aim to give students the opportunity to both refresh existing skills and learn new ones.

The workshops and classes are led by distinguished practitioners and expert teachers, including many directors and casting directors who are at the forefront of the film and television industries.

Website: www.actorsstudio.co.uk

Tel: 01753 650951

Email: [email protected]

The Actor's Centre

With a membership of 2,500 actors, the Actor's Centre is well known in the industry and has a very good reputation as one of the few institutions to cater to the ongoing needs of professional actors. In the words of the Actor's Centre, their mission is "to provide actors with professional development of the highest quality and the opportunity to enhance every aspect of their craft." Workshops and classes explore the total range of acting from classical theatre to mainstream TV. The ethos of the Actor's Centre is very much to help actors by plugging them into what's happening and what's about to happen in theatre, televisions, radio and film.

Website: www.actorscentre.co.uk

Tel: 020 7240 3940

Email: [email protected]

The Actor's Temple

Teaching the Mesiner technique, The Actor's Temple hold regular classes, many of which are walk-in classes, though for the more popular ones you should pre-book. It's free to become a member of the Actor's Temple - you then pay per class attended. Alongwith The Actor's Centre, the Actor's Temple enjoys a very good reputation and is, "committed to training professional actors to achieve more direct, intense and truthful performances. "

Website: www.actorstemple.com

Tel: 020 7383 3535

Email: [email protected]

The City Lit

The City Lit offers a wide range of classes including preparing for auditions, the Alexander technique, the Meisner technique, accents, sightreading, speaking Shakespeare, Acting in Chekhov, Acting in Shakespeare, acting for radio, clowning & performance, stage-fighting...

Website: www.citylit.ac.uk

Tel: 020 7430 0544

Fax: 020 7405 3347

Email: [email protected]

Theatre Royal Haymarket, Masterclasses

Each year the Theatre Royal Haymarket puts on a series of masterclasses from some of the UK's most renowned actors. Past masters have included Gillian Anderson, Anita Dobson, Simon Callow, Jeremy Irons, Kwame Kwei-Armah, Alan Rickman, Timothy West...

"Masterclass exists to give young people the chance to work with, talk to and learn from theatre's most outstanding Actors, Directors, Designers and Writers."

Classes are free for 17-30 yr olds and mature students, or if you're a

Masterclass Friend.

Website: http://www.trh.co.uk

Tel: 020 7930 8890

Email: [email protected]