How Performers Can Get Cast from TikTok

In an industry that continues to evolve and embrace new and innovative developments in the digital age, how do you stack up? The rise of social media and viral content is behind us; this truth now dominates our lives and industry, with digital content now a huge factor in how actors and creative professionals navigate through their career and ultimately are cast.

Your next big role could be at your fingertips, literally. If you’re reading this then chances are you are aware of the juggernaut that is TikTok and the effect it is having on our day-to-day lives. But, do you know the effect it is having on our industry? If you aren’t already doing so, now is the time to embrace the ever-expanding digital wave where you could see your career soar to new heights.

Follow the Casting Directors

Today casting directors are increasingly monitoring social media trends and looking to innovative and modern ways in which they can cast for their projects. The tried-and-tested approach to casting of years past, predominately done in-person, now seems a little archaic. Advancements in the industry and, not to mention how the pandemic has impacted how projects are being developed, mean casting directors are looking to social media platforms to find emerging talent - TikTok is currently reigning supreme.

The Co-Founder of E! Entertainment, Larry Namer, recently joined us for a Facebook Live. He currently heads Metan Global Entertainment Group and develops many film and TV projects, and he discussed how he is currently sourcing talent: "I'm doing a lot of the casting for an upcoming movie on TikTok. Instead of auditioning ten people a day in person, I am now auditioning 100. I’m actively looking for new, fresh talent and using these digital platforms to find it. That’s where I go."

Still need convincing? TikTok superstar Addison Rae has recently been cast as the lead in the upcoming movie He’s All That, a remake of 1999’s romantic comedy, She’s All That.

Your Creativity is your Ticket

Actors have never had access to such an abundance of creative platforms that can lead them to success. While you can publish your reel, skits or monologues you’ve been working on and more on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, each platform is incredibly different - check out our guide here on how to develop your social media brand.

When approaching TikTok, understand that it is short-form content you must be publishing. Your reel may be perfect and have got you through some doors, but this is not necessarily the platform for it. Content that performs well on TikTok is quick, sharp and to the point. Extract 20 seconds that will resonate with a user as they swipe between yours and countless other videos. Consider using simple hashtags in your post to ensure they are getting in front of the right eyes: #acting, #actor, #casting, #castingdirector etc.

A platform perfect for showcasing your skits or original characters you have been developing, these can lead to a loyal fanbase and these (and the success they bring) can become synonymous with your brand. Take the example of Caitlin Reilly. Her original characters have gained traction in recent months, with huge celebrities engaging with and praising her posts on a multitude of platforms.

Play the Long Game

‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, ‘Kim Kardashian began as Paris Hilton’s assistant’ - don’t feel discouraged if you do not immediately amass one million followers and casting directors are not sliding (professionally) into your DMs. Developing your presence on TikTok can take time and you must approach success on the platform as you would in the ‘real’ world of acting. Keep posting content, continue to develop the videos you are posting, streamline your feed so you are interacting with beneficial accounts and the next project you work on could be just around the corner. 

Once you have begun to develop your TikTok account, why not create a Mandy profile for free and browse our Jobs Directory? Employers are looking for top talent like you!