How to Make Your Crew Profile Stand Out on Mandy

For over 15 years we at have been helping creative professionals like yourself find great jobs with reputable employers across the world. The jobs are out there and our talented community are on hand to offer vital collaboration, but is your Profile up to scratch?

Footage / Showreel

Employers no longer solely look for a strong resume when hiring crew, nowadays they like to see strong footage that demonstrates your skills before inviting you to interview. If you do not have any footage on your profile, this may be why you are not getting seen by employers.

Make sure your footage:

  • Is no longer than 90 seconds (ideally one minute)
  • Showcases your strongest footage first
  • Makes a definitive choice between collage style and scene style
  • Avoids copyrighted music
  • Is 100% your own work and credits other creative professionals appropriately
  • Is set to ‘public’ in The Studio - this allows it to be seen by visitors to your profile


In addition to your footage and showreel, employers want to quickly see your professional experience. Here are some tips on adding professional credits:

  • With the employer’s permission, use our verification feature to have your credits verified. If you don’t have the employer’s details or are unable to have your credits verified, contact us.
  • Include all credits individually, do not group them together. Employers will sift through countless applications, so your credits need to make logical sense.
  • Check that all details within each credit are spelt correctly, complete and legitimate - fabricating credits will only harm your application.
  • Keep your credits up to date!


If you have trained professionally at a university, specialised institution or similar, now is the time to illustrate your qualifications.

This is a great space to showcase your training to employers and even other Mandy Members. Our community often finds jobs through networking on the site, and what better ice-breaker than having attended the same training institution?

About Me

This section is a useful space to quickly outline who you are professionally. Remember, employers already have access to your credits and footage, so make this punchy.

Here are a few points we suggest you cover:

  • Include your professional training
  • What your areas of expertise are e.g. drama, documentary, action, comedy
  • Add what Equipment you can use by heading to ‘Edit Profile > Equipment’

Cover Letter

When applying for a job on you are able to attach a cover letter. Don’t overlook this, as employers do read them! Writing a strong one allows you to stand out and be seen favourably by employers.

Before applying to any job, read the listing carefully. Do you fit the role requirements? If not, do not apply! It is important to ensure your cover note:

  • Responds directly to the job description
  • Is not generic and the same template used for other applications
  • Is short, to the point and spelling and grammar are correct


A picture tells a thousand words, and so does your headshot. Here are some tips for having the perfect headshot:

  • It is not mandatory to have a headshot to complete your Mandy Crew profile, however employers sift through many applications and having one will make your profile stand out. 
  • Don’t compromise on quality. Professional photographers know how to stage a shoot and having decent headshots will further demonstrate your professionalism.
  • Filters or lots of touch-ups can be tempting, but your headshot must be a true reflection of what you look like. Advise your photographer that you want a natural look.
  • Ensure your headshot is in colour and don’t go crazy with lighting and props.

If you still have questions about optimising your profile, our team is here to give you tailored advice. You can contact us on 020 7288 7404 or via email at [email protected]

Now that your Mandy profile is complete, you can start applying for jobs! Carefully reading through these points and applying them to your profile will put you in the best possible position of getting hired.