How to Master your Zoom Audition

The landscape of our industry has transformed in such a short period of time. Established relationships between actors, agents and casting directors have evolved due to the current climate, and this has forced our industry to adapt and explore new avenues of professional communication.

The tried and tested audition process for actors has been turned on its head, with casting directors in their masses now requesting actors submit self-tapes for roles, with many auditions consequently taking place virtually, on platforms such as Zoom.

We continue to ensure our talented members are as equipped as possible when looking to get cast for their next project. With all this in mind, what are the ways you can perfect and master your next Zoom audition? Let’s dive in.

Practice makes perfect

Your virtual audition with a casting director should be treated with as much respect and seriousness as an in-person audition - while you may be delivering lines in your bedroom, this situation requires your full professionalism. If technology is not usually your best friend, this climate is the time to rectify that. Issues with Wi-Fi, the positioning of your device, how you ‘enter’ the audition and more are all factors that can be rehearsed and perfected before your audition.

Plan a mock-audition with someone you know over the platform a casting director plans to meet you on. This offers a great opportunity to perfect the way you begin your audition (ensuring minimal awkward pauses) and finding the best spot in your house or apartment where the connection does not lag.

How are you seen?

If you are at the live virtual audition stage with a casting director, then chances are you have filmed a strong self-tape. Considerations such as lighting, clothing choice, the positioning of your camera and more should now be perfected (check out our guide here on how to master your self-tape).

  • No matter what device you are using for your virtual audition, you must ensure your camera is placed at eye level.
  • It is recommended you use a laptop or tablet for your audition and not a smartphone. This is because the screen is small and you want to ensure you can connect effectively with whoever is on the other end of your call.
  • Easy wins include: Is your camera lens clean? Is your lighting on point? Are you wearing audition-appropriate clothing? Are you against a clean and non-distracting background?

Welcome the casting director

Attending an in-person audition can trigger a lot of anxieties for actors. You are entering a situation that may seem out of your control in an environment that is unfamiliar to you. A virtual audition is putting the ownership back onto you. The casting director is entering your space and here you are on your own turf.

This is a space where you have rehearsed your delivery in the most optimal temperature, surroundings and more. Ensure you come across as comfortable as you feel in your familiar surroundings. With that being said, remember that this is an audition and the impression you give off counts as much now as ever.

What do casting directors think?

We had the pleasure of hosting a Facebook Live with two renowned casting directors, Kate Evans and Shakyra Downling! During our session they brought attention to how there is now much more responsibility on actors to ensure they present themselves well - this includes their recording equipment and performance space, as well as how they label self-tapes for casting directors. You can check out our session with Kate and Shakyra in full here.

Now that you are fully-equipped to nail your next virtual audition, why not browse our Jobs Directory or create a Mandy account for free if you haven’t already done so? Your next job could be just around the corner.