Julie's Bicycle: Green Theatre Guide

The Green Theatre Guide, launched by the Mayor of London in 2008, is packed full of practical advice tailored to the theatre industry.

The Guide is aimed at anyone working in the theatre industry, from small independent production companies and arts venues, to large groups of commercial theatres. It guides you through some of the most practical and effective ways to reduce energy use and make theatres greener - while also saving you money.

It's a useful complement to the latest top tips and practical guides you will find on the main Julie's Bicycle website.

Julie's Bicycle has also developed the IG Tools, user-friendly carbon calculators to assist venues, touring companies, offices and festivals measure and manage their carbon emissions. An IG Tool for Production is currently in development to enable production managers to measure the carbon impacts of set, staging, lighting and production processes. If you would like to know more about this resource or have any experiences to share about footprinting your production, please get in touch.

Julie's Bicycle have also produced a guide to sustainable touring for companies touring productions within the UK and internationally. Check it out here.

This above text is reproduced, and the full guide is available to download, with kind permission from Julie's Bicycle.

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